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    Best Mobile Home Living Cities in Genesee County, Michigan

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Best Mobile Home Living Cities in Genesee County, Michigan

    Best Mobile Home Living Cities in Genesee County, Michigan

    Are you a serious tenant looking for the best location to settle in Michigan? Are you interested in getting the best quality mobile home? If this is the case, then Genesee County, Michigan is the best place for you.

    Several things make Genesee County, Michigan, the best place to stay, and it is the 5th most populous county in the entire state.
    Genesee County Michigan Cities

    The county also boasts an amazing history that you are likely to fall in love with. The most populous place in the county is Flint, which is where General Motors was founded. Also, one of the most attractive areas in Genesee County, Michigan, is the Crossroads Village, which has one of the best histories.

    Genesee County, Michigan, stands out from the rest for its excellent recreational facilities, a great history, well-connected transport systems, and amazing people. The location also has recreational parks, safe neighborhoods, and ease of access.

    These are just some of the reasons why you must have this county at the top of your list of best places to stay in Michigan. This article will focus on the best cities to find a mobile home in Genesee County, Michigan.

    Cities in Genesee County, Michigan

    The best mobile home living cities in Genesee County, Michigan, have the best amenities and excellent security. Let’s look at some of these cities:

    Fenton in Genesee County, Michigan

    Fenton is among the best cities in Genesee County, which also has various areas within Livingston County and Oakland County. The city was established in 1834and was originally referred to as Dibbleville.

    According to the 2010 National Census, Fenton had a total population of 11,756 people. The total area covered by the city is seven square miles.

    Of all the cities on our list, Fenton emerges as the best city that anyone can stay in, mainly because it was built to last. So, if you are looking for the best mobile home, don’t hesitate; pick up your computer and search for a home in Fenton city.

    There are several reasons why you should consider settling in Fenton. First, the city has a great sense of community. For instance, it’s common to see local businesses coming together to sponsor sporting events in the city.

    There are also hangout events where you can spend quality time with family, and also make new friends. You will also access a diverse selection of shops and restaurants.

    If you normally prioritize the living cost of the place you settle, then Fenton is the ideal place for you. The city’s cost of living is 8% lower than that of other Michigan cities. It also has an upward growth curve that is ideal for business, and you’ll have access to flexible and affordable housing units.

    The city is known for having excellent schools and a low crime rate. This means that your children will receive the best education, and be very safe while learning. There are also plenty of natural resources that you can enjoy, including several lakes and forests to explore.

    The city of Fenton stands out from the rest for having the best amenities, excellent recreational facilities, great history, well-connected transport systems, recreational parks, and amazing people. Always remember that Fenton is the best place to find a mobile home in Genesee County, Michigan.

    Davison in Genesee County, Michigan

    When searching for a mobile home in Genesee County, Michigan, security is one of the main considerations that tenants put into perspective. The city of Davison is one of the most secure and safest cities that you’ll ever settle in.

    As a security measure, this city, found at the heart of Genesee County, Michigan, has created a comprehensive security mechanism that encourages co-existence among tenants.

    Apart from the city being secure, it’s very easy to access the city from any location, because of it’s well-connected transport networks. For instance, you can access the city by train. The city has one of the oldest railroads, and this is credited with being responsible for the current population.

    The rental and living cost here is affordable compared to other cities in the United States. You’ll also have access to quality amenities, including spacious parking spaces, recreational parks, and exciting shopping destinations.

    Flushing City in Genesee County, Michigan

    The city of Flushing is among the best cities to settle in the state of Michigan. As per the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 8,300 people.

    For a long time now, Flushing has been offering people quality mobile homes. The good thing about the city is that you will get homes of all sizes, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. In addition, the homes are designed with impressive floor plans.

    If you love going out shopping, you are covered here since the city has several shopping centers. The transport network in the city is also well-connected.

    Most mobile homes in the city are designed with carpets in the living areas. There is also vinyl flooring covering the bathrooms and kitchens.

    The cabinets are custom designed to meet your needs, and the lighting in mobile units is efficiently done

    The kind of amenities you’ll get in your mobile home community is worth your costs. There are even communities that have swimming pools and recreational parks.

    Grand Blanc in Genesee County, Michigan

    If you want to start a new life in Genesee County, Michigan, the city of Grand Blanc is ideal for locating a mobile home. In Genesee County, Michigan, the Grand Blanc city is a moderately populated area with about 8,000 residents.

    The good thing about this city is that it has a robust real estate market. Almost every real estate agent has a competent website where possible tenants can do a background check for their ideal mobile home.

    In Grand Blanc, mobile homes are very popular compared to other housing units. Therefore, the best thing you can do is approach the best housing agency in the area to guide you on the best home selection.

    In addition, the city has a cultural heritage that you can enjoy during your free time, including top museums and quality parks. If you’re into shopping, there are several shopping destinations that you can also visit.

    The features of mobile homes are top quality and include quality lighting, excellent floor plans, and spacious bedrooms. You’ll also access quality schools for your children and excellent amenities such as swimming pools and spacious parking spaces.

    Flint in Genesee County, Michigan

    Flint is the 7th largest city in Michigan, and the largest in Genesee County. The city is located Northwest of Detroit and along the Flint River, and has a population of about 95,000 people.

    The city started as a small village founded by Jacob Smith, who was a fur trader. One notable thing about the city is that it’s where General Motors was founded. This is the reason why the city is nicknamed Vehicle City. In addition, it has some ancient buildings that were developed to last.

    The good thing about mobile homes in this city is that they come with exciting features. For instance, most homes come with high-speed internet, spacious parking, and 24/7 available property management.

    If you have children, there are quality public and private schools for them, including Perry Prekindergarten, McGrath Elementary School, and Anderson Elementary School. There are also top rated colleges like Mott Community College.

    Despite being the largest city in Genesee County, Michigan, Flint has proven to have security challenges. For several years, an economic downturn has been cited among the city’s crises.

    With that said, the city will guarantee your ease of access. This means that several modes of transport are available for you to choose from.

    Like other cities in Genesee County, this is the perfect place if you love good amenities, such as recreation parks and shopping centers. Some of the popular parks in the city include Longway Planetarium, Flint Children’s Museum, and For-Mar Nature.

    Linden in Genesee County, Michigan

    The city of Linden has proven to be one of the most secure cities in all of Genesee County, Michigan. However, if you find yourself in this city, it might not be easy to move out.

    The good thing about Linden is that it’s surrounded by Fenton Township. This proximity allows the city to have easy access to different modes of transport.

    Although the population in Linden isn’t as high as other cities in Genesee County, it still reflects the city’s size and is responsible for its reliable security.

    Like other municipalities and cities in Genesee County, this city is managed by a council-manager. Even though it’s surrounded by Fenton Township, the two are managed independently.

    Why Find a Mobile Home in Genesee County, Michigan

    There are several reasons why you should try to find a mobile home in Genesee County, Michigan. With that said, don’t just take our word for it. Check out the Genesee County official website for all information. On this site, there are different pages, with each page having a sub-menu with the relevant information about Genesee County, Michigan, and nearby areas.

    All of the cities within Genesee County, Michigan have the best security, have great ease of access, and quality recreational facilities. It would be best to focus on some of these factors to find yourself the best mobile home from any city of Genesee County, Michigan.


    Genesee County, Michigan is known for having the best cities for mobile home living. With that said, we recommend the city of Fenton as the best on the list due to having excellent amenities, top security, and a great history.

    Before choosing a home and city to settle in, you should do comprehensive online searching. You can also opt to contact a real estate agent, to advise you accordingly. We hope you settle in the best mobile home city in Genesee County, Michigan, for both you and your family.

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    Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Genesee County, MI

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Genesee County, MI

    Best Mobile Homes for Sale in Genesee County, MI

    There are plenty of advantages to buying a mobile home for sale over traditional site-built homes for a home buyer. For example, the price of mobile homes for sale is usually cheaper than their counterparts, traditional real estate homes.

    Additionally, mobile home communities often include shared spaces like swimming pools, playgrounds, and clubhouses.

    Buying a mobile home for sale is different from buying other forms of real estate housing. Understanding the process will help you establish whether it’s a good fit for you.

    More and more people choose to live a minimalist life, shifting from big real estate houses to tiny homes and travel trailers. Considering this fact, it’s not surprising that mobile homes are growing in popularity.

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Genesee County, MI

    According to the Mobile Home Park Home Owners Allegiance, the U.S. is home to over 45,600 mobile homes and RV parks. Genesee County, MI, is, in fact, home to some of the top communities for mobile home living.

    At the beginning of every mobile home real estate buying journey is deciding where to live. For manufactured homes, that decision typically boils down to two options: either in a community or buying land upon which the house will sit. Every home buyer will have different sets of priorities when it comes to making this decision.

    Residential mobile home park

    Often, community living boasts several advantages. If you are in Genesee County, MI, and finding the best community is your priority, this article will list the top five mobile home communities you can consider:

    ●       Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    ●       Timber Heights Manufactured Home Community

    ●       Creek Wood

    ●       Indian Hills Manor Manufactured Home Community

    ●       Grand Blanc Crossing

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    Tyrone Woods is located at 8378 Hogan Rd, Fenton, MI 48430.

    If you want the top choice for a mobile home community, Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is the perfect place. They offer homes for sale, and rent, at affordable prices.

    A Michigan Mobile Home

    For a price range of $30,000 to $50,000, you get a premium space and at least 3 beds/2 baths.

    Most of Tyrone Woods’ manufactured homes for sale are over 1,500 sq.ft., and you will get either a 3 beds/2 baths, 4 beds/2 baths, or 4 beds/3 baths layout. It is also a pet-friendly community for all ages.

    When choosing a place to live, you always want to be at a strategic location where you can access social amenities easily.

    Fenton has the best shopping experience for you. Some of the best shopping areas in Fenton include: Dibbleville, Silver Parkway, and North LeRoy.

    Whatever you need, you can access it within minutes from Tyrone Woods’ community. Whether it’s a fast-food takeout or dine-in, Fenton has some of the best restaurants that will excite you.

    Additionally, these restaurants can offer private rooms for special occasions like birthdays, meetings, and much more.

    When it comes to entertainment, free films are shown on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 pm, in the Fenton Community & Cultural Center.

    The point is, Tyrone Woods’ mobile home community has got all that you need as a home buyer. Visit Tyrone Woods to see homes for sale and find out what they offer to their customers.

    Timber Heights Manufactured Home Community

    This community is located at 1168 N. Oak Rd, Davison, MI 48423.

    Timber Heights is a good spot to live-in and raise your family. Located just 11 miles from Flint, you will find various activities to fulfill all of your needs.

    Check out favorite local dining spots such as Italia Gardens and Apollo Family Restaurant, and visit Kroger, Meijer or Courtland Center for your grocery shopping needs.

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    This is also a pet-friendly community.

    Timber Heights can make your dream of homeownership a reality within their community!

    You can get their mobile homes for sale, which range from $19,000 – $50,000, and they offer floor plans of either 4 beds/2 baths or 3 beds/2 baths.

    With a top-rated school district, as well as Manford Park, Davison Area Dog Park, and Michigan Escape Games nearby, you can be confident that this is a great place to raise your family.

    Creek Wood

    This community is located at 3440 Creekside Blvd, Burton, MI 48519.

    Creek Wood’s mobile home living community offers gorgeous home sites at a truly valuable price.

    Their cozy neighborhood provides residents numerous on-site amenities, including:

    • Kid-friendly playscape
    • Community basketball court
    • Professional customer service staff

    With a price range of $30,000 – $60,000, you can afford mobile homes for sale at Creek Wood that offer either 4 beds/2 baths or 3 beds/2 baths.

    Scenic view of modern trailer of caravan park in summer.

    They are strategically located, so you will have easy access to extraordinary medical facilities, restaurants, fine dining, banks, and more!

    They are also just minutes away from multiple shopping venues, including Genesee Valley Mall.

    Indian Hills Manor Manufactured Home Community

    This community is located at 6328 N. Genesee Rd, Flint, MI 48506.

    Since 1976, Indian Hills Manor Mobile Home Park has provided clean, secure, spacious and affordable mobile homes for sale and manufactured housing in Michigan.

    They are conveniently located in Genesee County for your banking and shopping needs. Also, they are just 10 minutes away from Courtland Center.

    Luxury caravan, static holiday home

    You’ll find vacant lot spaces available from $285 to $300 per month, and they have rental mobile homes ranging from $450 to $475 per month.

    Amenities include:

    • Central air
    • Fishing, boating, sailing, bike trails, and canoeing
    • A swimming pool is 10 minutes away at the Courtland Center

    Indian Hills Manor is a friendly community with no age restriction.

    Grand Blanc Crossing

    This community is located at 8225 Embury Rd, Grand Blanc Twp, MI 48439.

    Grand Blanc Crossing offers planned events and on-site amenities, including a fitness center, outdoor pool, luxurious clubhouse, game room, playground, and more.

    Close to US-23, I-75, and the U.A.W. Freeway, Grand Blanc has top-tier schools and a picturesque downtown with local dining and fun activities.

    manufactured mobile house

    They have flexible financing available, with homeowners not required to pay security deposits.

    You’ll find affordable 1,960 sq.ft., 3 beds/2 baths and 1,456 sq.ft., 3 beds/2 baths homes for sale here.

    Home & Community Amenities Include:

    • Refrigerator & Gas Range/Oven
    • Dishwasher
    • Central Air
    • Playground
    • Community Pool
    • Clubhouse
    • Basketball Court

    Final Thought

    When choosing a mobile home community in Genesee County, we can ultimately conclude that Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is the top choice.

    Tyrone Woods Signage Managers OFfice

    The journey to buying a mobile home for sale requires research. Whether it’s a 3 beds/2 baths, 4 beds/2 baths, or 4 beds/3 baths layout that you need, you want a home that will perfectly fit your family.

    Find the right community that offers the mobile home for sale and inquire about their buying process.

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    Best Places to Live in Genesee County, MI

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    Best Places to Live in Genesee County, MI

    Moving to a new area will always involve some research. Moreover, it is no secret that you are looking for the best places with the best deals.

    Best Places to Live in Genesee County, MI

    The truth is, in any county, there are some areas that are more affordable than others, and you always have to be aware of the cost of living. So, what does this mean for your big move?

    Well, since you have narrowed down your search to Genesee County, Michigan, now it is time to find out which areas are the most affordable.

    Thus, to better assist you, we have done the work for you. Here are the most affordable and overall best places to live in Genesee County.


    The number one area on our list of best places to live in Genesee County is the city of Fenton, or Fenton Township, Michigan.

    cost of living in the city of Fenton - best places in Fenton Township, Michigan

    This inexpensive part of the county has an extremely reasonable cost of living, which is actually responsible for the big uptick in manufactured homes in Michigan.

    As a result, you will find amazing mobile home communities here. Mobile home communities are a great way to get the best of both worlds, the flexibility/affordability that comes from renting, and the homeownership/communal amenities that comes with purchasing a home.

    Even if you would prefer to rent a manufactured residence, you can do so in this part of Genesee County.


    Second on our list of best places to live in the county is Flint, Michigan.

    As you are probably aware, Flint has had its share of setbacks over the last couple of years. With that said, there has been a real initiative to improve the area and address the ongoing problems.

    Buildings in Flint MI

    You can find affordable housing throughout most of Flint, and the cost of living here is extremely reasonable.

    Of course, if you prefer to put down roots in a city or area that is more focused on expansion, and other forms of urban planning, then the good news is that there are great places to live, like Fenton, Burton, and Clio, right next door to Flint.


    Number three on our list of best places to live in Genesee County is the city of Burton.

    This city is pretty much a medium-sized community, with under 30,000 people. Here you will find a quiet, mixed workforce and an overall welcoming vibe.

    You can expect to find apartment homes, manufactured residences, and single-family houses available, in terms of housing, and the cost of living is below the national average.

    Burton is a good place for empty nesters, retirees, and hardworking individuals. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something a little more fast paced, or less rural, then you may want to consider other places to live.


    Number four on our list of best places to live in Genesee County is the small town of Clio.

    This awesome little area offers its residents one of the lowest cost of living in all of Michigan. Consequently, you can expect to find affordable real estate, apartments, townhouses, manufactured homes, and more, with the median home cost being well below the national average.

    Overall, Clio is a great place for retirees and empty nesters. The truth is though Clio does not have the best public schools. There are other public schools outside of Clio that offer a more well-rounded education and focus on college prep.

    Mount Morris

    Mount Morris, Michigan, comes in at number five on our list of best places to live and call home.

    Here you will find that the cost of living is extremely low, and the median home cost is well below the national average. This means you definitely can expect to have some money left over after paying rent or the mortgage each month.

    Suburban townhouses

    Another reason that Mount Morris makes our list of great places to live and  put down roots is because it offers above-average amenities, especially in their mobile or manufactured home communities.

    Overall, the city is a quiet, rural town that may not be for everyone.


    Linden is another one of the best places to live when it comes to looking for affordable housing.

    Not only does the city have a lower cost of living, but it also has reasonably priced everyday conveniences.

    Though Linden is one of the more expensive areas, in comparison to places like Clio and Mount Morris, you do have more of a suburban vibe here. Plus, the real estate and homes here have a higher resale value.

    Furthermore, Liden has highly ranked public schools and more affordable medical/health services available. All in all, this city feels like a small town with a healthy mix of people from different backgrounds.

    Thus, if you are looking for a family-friendly area in Genesee County, Michigan that is somewhat inexpensive, then Liden may be worth considering.


    Number seven on our list of best places to live is Goodrich, which has a higher cost of living than the other cities mentioned above.

    Mainly this is due to its significant number of assisted living, or 55+ communities, here. That said, you will probably still be able to find top-notch housing in this area.

    Obviously, the caveat is that these first-rate rentals and homes cost more, while offering less in the way of amenities.

    Thus, if you are working with a strict budget or a fixed income, you will need to crunch some numbers first to see if this area truly works for you.


    Likewise, Davison is another one of the best places to live in Genesee County.

    This city is an affordable suburban area that offers ample housing for empty nesters and retirees. What’s more, the cost of living in Davison is below the nation’s average, so you can find fairly cheap apartments and manufactured homes for rent.

    If you are looking for inexpensive real estate, homes for sale or manufactured residences you can purchase in Davison, you will have to do a little digging to find the perfect home, but it is possible.

    In general, Davidson is a suburb of Flint; therefore, a lot of conveniences and health services are located just outside the city limits.


    Coming in at number nine on our list of best places to live is Otisville, which is probably one of the smaller towns in Genesee County, having only 1,000 or so people.

    With such a close-knit community comes a low crime rate, decent public schools, and fairly cheap housing.

    Here, you will find a mix of suburban and rural living, which makes Otisville one of the best places to live and raise a family.

    Ultimately, the biggest drawback here is the commute for work and the lack of everyday conveniences you will likely have. So, if you do not mind a longer drive, then Otisville is worth considering.

    Grand Blanc

    Last on our list of best places to live is Grand Blanc, which is another area of Genesee County that you can expect to find relatively affordable housing for rent and for sale.

    Nevertheless, since Grand Blanc is more of a city, you can expect more of an urban feel. Thus, the cost of living is slightly higher here, and you will find more contemporary apartments and mobile homes that are a tad bit pricey.

    To make up for that price increase, you can expect to find quality amenities, above average schools, and a low crime rate.

    The only real downside to living in this reasonably priced area of Genesee County is that available employment opportunities are few and far between.

    Best Choice

    As you can see, you have some options when it comes to affordable areas in Genesee County.

    Obviously, where you would prefer to live, what you can afford to rent or buy, and what location is more convenient matters most. With that said, if you are in need of some guidance still, then you should definitely consider Fenton or Fenton Township.

    Fenton or Fenton Township

    Fenton offers the most in the way of amenities, employment opportunities, low crime rates, and overall cost of living. Plus, if you are looking to rent or buy a mobile/manufactured residence, then this is the city for you.

    Final Note

    At the end of the day, Genesee County is a fairly inexpensive place to put down roots, when you are looking at overall cost of living.

    As you can see from the many cities listed on our best places to live list, there is no shortage of amenable housing.

    Thus, if you would like to learn more about the cities mentioned above, or would like additional information on available housing in any particular city, then you absolutely should contact an expert team member at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community for further assistance today.

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    Genesee County, Michigan: 5 Reasons You Should Live Here

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Genesee County, Michigan: 5 Reasons You Should Live Here

    Genesee County, Michigan: 5 Reasons You Should Live Here

    Genesee County is a region of Michigan that is worth living in. Not only is there a wealth of things to see and do here, but there is also a real sense of community.

    People who live in Genesee County, Michigan have seen their cities persevere, even in the toughest of times. Thus, you will be hard-pressed to find a county that cares about its citizens as much as Genesee County.

    Genesee County, Michigan

    In addition to becoming part of this amazing community, there are dozens of reasons to live in this county. So, if you have been mulling over the idea of moving here, we can help you make the right decision.

    Here are the top five reasons why you should live in Genesee County:

    Available Housing

    This County has affordable housing in a number of its cities. Thus, if you are looking for one of a kind reasonably-priced manufactured homes, and inexpensive apartments/condos, then you are in luck!

    This county offers some of the most affordable rental rates around. In fact, Genesee’s cost of living is actually seven percent lower than the state’s average, and housing costs are 54 percent lower than the national average.

    Moreover, if you are in the market for a manufactured residence located in a mobile home community, you definitely have some options.

    Here, many of the manufactured home communities offer great amenities and have contemporary homes for sale or lease. Plus, you will find 55+ age restricted mobile home parks, family-oriented manufactured home neighborhoods, upscale manufactured home communities, and so much more.

    So, you can put down some roots in this county without overspending on housing. This is especially true in cities like Fenton, Grand Blanc, and areas of Flint County, Michigan.

    Local Economy

    In terms of the local economy, there has been a push in the last few years to make Genesee County all that it can be.

    In places like Fenton, MI, there are numerous thriving industries, including commercial, manufacturing, and the healthcare sector. Likewise, Grand Blanc offers comparable industries and growth potential.

    Areas like Flint, however, are still in recovery mode from ongoing issues. Nevertheless, there has been a real initiative to get this particular city back on its feet.

    That said, one of the main attractions of Genesee, for both residents and visitors, is the abundance of lakes. In fact, there are a total of 79 lakes in this county.

    As a result, there is a decent portion of this County’s economy that comes from tourism or lake-related businesses. Plus, it is home to the largest and most majestic county park system in the state.

    Employment Opportunities

    When it comes to employment opportunities, Genesee County has both public and internal jobs available.

    Specifically, there are ample healthcare and social assistance jobs, as these are both large industries in this county. Other employment can also be found in retail trade, utilities, public administration, education, finance, and insurance sectors.

    Some of the major employers here are, not too surprisingly, General Motors, Genesys Regional Medical Center, McLaren Regional Medical Center, the University of Michigan-Flint, and Hurley Medical Center, just to name a few.

    Consequently, if you are looking for a new position, or a family member needs new employment prospects, then Genesee can accommodate.

    Accessibility to Medical Services

    Another great reason for living in Genesee County is the healthcare system.

    As briefly mentioned, there are numerous healthcare or medical centers, and providers, located in this county. Consequently, finding the type or kind of medical provider you need is typically not a problem here.

    What’s more, this County is just around the corner from world-renowned hospitals like the University of Michigan (U of M) hospital in Ann Arbor. Thus, in the event that anything happens, you and your loved ones can rest assured knowing you have access to some of the best medical professionals in not only the state, but in the entire U.S.

    Plus, with the current state of the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19), this particular county, Michigan, has more than enough testing sites and trained medical personnel.

    Education and Higher-Learning Institutions

    By now, you may have noticed that Genesee County takes education and higher-learning seriously. In terms of pre-k through grade 12, you will find excellent schools.

    Overall, this county has 156+ public schools and 28 private schools. Moreover, students (at both public and private schools) in the county tend to score high in math, English, history, and reading comprehension.

    The top-ranking schools here are Hill Elementary School, Marion D Instructional Center, Elmer A. Knopf Learning Center, and Archangel Academic Services.

    Genesee is also home to 16+ charter schools and has approximately 51 high schools that focus on college prep.

    Furthermore, when it comes to local colleges and universities, there are a multitude of amazing options. For instance, both U of M and Michigan State University (MSU) are a short distance away from Genesee. Plus, there is a branch of U of M located in Flint as well.

    Other notable higher-learning institutions that serve Genesee County include Northwood University, Baker College, Central Michigan University, Kettering University, Eastern Michigan University, and Ferris State.

    Plus, the list does not stop there. You will find a dozen more universities, community colleges, and trade schools, in addition to those mentioned above. And also if you need help with your essays or research papers in universities or colleges – try

    Other Reasons to Consider

    Lastly, there are other reasons you should seriously consider moving to Genesee County. For instance, you will never tire of all the available indoor and outdoor recreation.

    As previously mentioned, Genesee is not only home to the largest park system in the state, but it has 79 gorgeous lakes, with swim sites and more. Thus, if you manage to pull yourself away from lake living and incredible outdoor attractions, like Stepping Stone Falls or the Genesee Valley Trail, you can enjoy some indoor fun here too.

    A few notable indoor activities that are exciting for the whole family include Planet 3 Extreme Amusement Center, Extreme Indoor Kart Racing, and the Bavarian Belle Riverboat, just to name a few. You should also stop by Supe’s Exotic Jungle, Flint Institute of Arts, and Michigan Escape Games, while you are out and about.

    What’s more, this County has other wonderful entertainment options like parades, festivals, museums, historical sites, galleries, and sports games at the Atwood Stadium. There is even a must-see planetarium (Longway Planetarium) and a renowned playhouse (The Whiting).

    Of course, you cannot take in all this fun and excitement without working up an appetite. Thankfully, there are countless dining options in this county.

    A few notable restaurants or local eateries are The Cork on Saginaw, Redwood Steakhouse & Brewery, Signature Chop House, Ciao Italian Bistro & Wine, The Laundry, and The Fenton Hotel. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to good eats in this county, so if you are a foodie at heart, get ready to be smitten.

    Final Note

    As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why you should relocate to Genesee County.

    Nonetheless, if you are still on the fence about moving to this fantastic area of Michigan, then why not make it a point to come visit. You and your family can spend the weekend exploring all that is Genesee County.

    Plus, you can stop by a few manufactured home communities while you are in town.

    At the end of the day, this will allow you to get a feel for this incredible region and finally decide if this county is worthy enough for you to call it home.

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