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    Where Are the Most Affordable Areas to Live in Genesee County

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    Where Are the Most Affordable Areas to Live in Genesee County

    Justin Becker

    Updated: October 26, 2020

    Moving to a new area will always involve some research. Moreover, it is no secret that you are looking for the best deal. The truth is, in any county, there are some parts that are more affordable than others. So, what does this mean for your big move? Well, since you have narrowed down your search to Genesee County, now it is time to find out which areas are the most affordable. Thus, to better assist you, we have done the work for you. Here are the most affordable areas to live in Genesee County.


    The number one area to start looking for your forever home is the city of Fenton or Fenton Township. This inexpensive part of the county is actually responsible for the big uptick in manufactured homes in Michigan. As a result, you will find amazing mobile home communities there. Mobile home communities are a great way to get the best of both worlds, the flexibility/affordability that comes from renting, and the homeownership/communal amenities that come with purchasing a home. Even if you would prefer to rent a manufactured residence, you can do so in this part of Genesee County.


    The second most affordable spot in the county is Flint, Michigan. As you are probably aware, Flint has had its share of setbacks over the last couple of years, but there has been a real initiative to improve the area and address the ongoing problems. That said, you can find affordable housing throughout most of Flint. Of course, if you prefer to put down roots in a city or area that is more focused on expansion and other forms of urban planning, then the good news is that there are places like Fenton, Burton, and Clio right next door.


    Yet another inexpensive place to live in Genesee County is the city of Burton. This city is pretty much a medium-sized community with under 30,000 people. Here you will find a quiet, mixed workforce and an overall welcoming vibe. You can expect to find apartment homes, manufactured residences, and single-family houses available in terms of housing. Burton is a good place for empty nesters, retirees, and hardworking individuals. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something a little more fast paced or less rural, then you may want to consider your other affordable options.


    Number four on our list of inexpensive places to live in Genesee is the small town of Clio. This awesome little area of Genesee County offers its residents one of the lowest costs of living in Michigan. Consequently, you can expect to find affordable apartments, townhouses, manufactured homes, and more. Overall, Clio is a great place for retirees and empty nesters. The truth is though Clio has decent schools, there are other learning institutions outside of Clio that offer a more well-rounded education and focus on college prep.

    Mount Morris

    Mount Morris, MI, is also an inexpensive place you can call home. Here you will find that the cost of living is extremely low, which means you definitely will have some money left over after paying rent or the mortgage each month. Another reason that Mount Morris makes a suitable place to put down roots is because it offers above-average amenities, especially in their mobile or manufactured home communities. Overall, the city is a quiet, rural town that may not be for everyone.


    Linden is also a great place to consider when looking for affordable housing. Not only does the city have a lower cost of living, but it also has reasonably priced everyday conveniences. Though Linden is one of the more expensive areas in comparison to places like Clio and Mount Morris, you do have more of a suburban vibe here. Plus, the homes here have a higher resale value. Furthermore, Liden has highly ranked schools and more affordable medical/health services available. All in All, this city feels like a small town with a healthy mix of people from different backgrounds. Thus, if you are looking for a family-friendly area in Genesee County that is somewhat inexpensive, then Liden may be worth considering.


    Alternatively, places like Goodrich have a higher cost of living than the cities mentioned above. Mainly this is due to its significant number of assisted living or 55 plus communities here. That said, you will probably still be able to find top-notch housing in this area. Obviously, the caveat here is that these first-rate rentals and homes cost more and offer less in the way of amenities. Thus, if you are working with a strict budget or a fixed income, you will need to crunch some numbers first to see if this area truly works for you.


    Likewise, the city of Davison is another affordable suburban area that offers ample housing for empty nesters and retirees. What’s more, in Davis, you can find fairly cheap apartments and manufactured homes for rent. If you are looking for inexpensive homes for sale or manufactured residences you can purchase in the city, you will have to do a little digging to find the perfect home, but it is possible. In general, Davidson is a suburb of Flint; therefore, a lot of conveniences and health services are located just outside the city limits.


    This city is probably one of the smaller towns in Genesee County, with only 1,000 or so people. But, with such a close-knit community comes a low crime rate, decent public schools, and fairly cheap housing. Here, you will find a mix of suburban and rural living, which makes Otisville a good place to raise a family. Ultimately, here the biggest drawback is the commute for work and everyday conveniences you will likely have. So, if you do not mind a longer drive, then Otisville is worth considering.

    Grand Blanc

    Lastly, Grand Blanc is another area of Genesee County that you can expect to find relatively affordable housing for rent and for sale. Nevertheless, since Grand Blanc is more of a city, you can expect more of an urban feel, with contemporary apartments and mobile homes that are a tad bit pricey. To make up for that price increase, you can expect to find quality amenities, above average schools, and a low rate of crime. The only real downside to living in this reasonable price area of Genesee County is that available employment opportunities are few and far between.

    Best Choice

    As you can see, you have some options when it comes to affordable areas in Genesee County. Obviously, where you would prefer to live, what you can afford to rent or buy, and what location is more convenient matters most, but, if you are in need of some guidance still, then you should definitely consider Fenton or Fenton Township. This area offers the most in the way of amenities, employment opportunities, low crime rates, and affordable housing. Plus, if you are looking to rent or buy a mobile/manufactured residence, then this city is for you.

    Final Note

    At the end of the day, Genesee County is a fairly inexpensive place to put down roots. As you can see from the many cities listed above, there is no shortage of amenable housing. Thus, if you would like to learn more about the cities mentioned above or would like additional information on available housing in any particular city, then you absolutely should contact an expert team member at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community for further assistance today.

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