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    Rentals in Fenton, MI: Top Pet-Friendly Spots

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Rentals in Fenton, MI: Top Pet-Friendly Spots

    Rentals in Fenton, MI: Top Pet-Friendly Spots

    Justin Becker

    Updated: July 19, 2021

    Fenton, MI is a wonderful place to relocate, especially if you have children and pets.

    This family-oriented city, and its surrounding areas, offers great entertainment options, regarded schools, ample dining and shopping options, plus affordable manufactured homes and apartments for rent.

    Rentals in Fenton, MI

    If you are looking for affordable rentals that are also pet-friendly, then you will likely fare better with a manufactured house for rent in Fenton, MI, rather than apartments for rent.

    Do not just take our word for it, check it out for yourself! Here are the top five pet-friendly rentals in and around Fenton, MI.

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is our top pick when it comes to pet-friendly rentals for many reasons.

    Besides offering contemporary mobile homes with amazing communal amenities, this manufactured home community’s policy regarding pets is fairly straightforward.

    Since you can either purchase or rent in Fenton, MI here, you have two options.

    Obviously, with a rental, the Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community property management team has a say on how many pets you can have, and monthly pet rent is $25 per month.

    In contrast, if you purchase a manufactured home here, then you have more of a say, and your monthly pet rent is only $10 per month.

    That said, tenants or renters are allowed both cats and dogs. There is usually a limit of two pets allowed, but you may be able to have more if you double-check with the management.

    Here, if anything, what matters most are the community/park rules. Thus, there are breed restrictions and leash requirements. Note, Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is located in Fenton, MI.

    Fairfield Apartment Homes

    Coming in at number two is the Fenton, MI apartment community, Fairfield Apartment Homes.

    Here, you will find a similar pet policy that allows for both cats and dogs. Likewise, there is a limit of two pets per apartment home for rent. However, here you will be required to pay a $250 non-refundable fee, and $25 a month per pet.

    This apartments for rent community also has the standard breed restrictions, which exclude Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Chows, Akitas, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and any mix of these mentioned breeds.

    Cider Mill Crossing

    Cider Mill Crossing is in the third place on our list of pet-friendly rentals because this manufactured home community has a one pet limit.

    Located in Fenton, MI, Cider Mill Crossing is another affordable mobile home park (a house for rent here starts at $1,080 a month and goes up from there) with a plethora of amenities.

    Here, once again, there are breed restrictions for dogs, a non-refundable deposit, and monthly pet rent in the amount of $25.

    So, if you are okay with having only one pet, then you might want to consider a house for rent at this manufactured home community.

    Georgetown Park Apartments

    Number four on our list of pet-friendly rentals in Fenton, MI is Georgetown Park Apartments.

    This apartments for rent community has a fairly standard apartment pet policy. They allow both dogs and cats, they have a $250 non-refundable fee, a $25 monthly pet rent, a two pet limit, as well as breed restrictions for dogs. That said, monthly pet rent is $40 if you have dogs.

    Georgetown Park Apartments has mainly two-bed apartments that range from $890 to $1,260 a month. Of course, if you need more than two bedrooms, you might want to consider one of the manufactured home communities instead.

    Note, the Georgetown Park Apartments complex is located in Fenton, MI.

    Silver Lake Hills Apartments

    Number five on our list does offer two- and three-bed units, but, as far as pet-friendly establishments go, Silver Lake Hills Apartments has one of the more strict pet policies.

    This apartments for rent community has a one-time $300 non-refundable pet fee, a two pet limit, allows cats and dogs only, and requires monthly pet rent of $40 (per pet). Plus, breed restrictions apply, and this is only the tip of the iceberg here.

    For a more complete pet policy, you have to call their leasing office. Moreover, here you are looking at paying up to as much as $1,540 a month for a three-bedroom unit and $1,295 a month for a two-bedroom unit.

    As a result, Silver Lake Hills Apartments comes in last place due to its stricter policies and higher rental rates.

    Bonus High-End Rental – Pier 38 Apartments

    Here, our bonus high-end rental that is pet-friendly is none other than the Pier 38 Apartments.

    These luxury apartments for rent are yet another Fenton, MI gem that allows pets.

    Here, Pier 38 allows cats and dogs (with breed restrictions). Furthermore, you can expect to pay a $250 non-refundable deposit and a $25 monthly pet rent (per pet). There is also a two pet limit.

    In addition to this standard pet policy, Pier 38 Apartments has posh one- and two-bed units. Two-bedroom apartments for rent are currently available, ranging from $1,280 to $1,500 a month, and that is without any utilities included.

    When coupled together, this is a lot of money to pay for you and your pet(s), which is why Pier 38 Apartments did not make it on the list.

    Bonus Affordable Rental – Fenton Estates Apartments

    You will find a more affordable rental at Fenton Estates Apartments, with their two-bedroom units ranging from $925 to $1,120 a month.

    However, this pet-friendly apartment complex did not make it onto our list because their pet policy requires tenants to pay a non-refundable $350 fee and $30 monthly pet rent.

    Though Fenton Estates Apartments does allow both cats and dogs, there are weight limits for both. Your dog cannot be over 80 lbs. and your cat cannot weigh more than 25 lbs. Plus, you also have the standard breed restrictions for dogs.

    How to Choose

    With quite a few options for pet-friendly rentals in Fenton, MI, you may be having a hard time deciding on a place. Well, we can help.

    If you are looking for a reasonable pet policy, affordable luxury living, ample living space/more than two-bedrooms, and would like to have some money left over each month, then the choice is clear—Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is the way to go!

    Sure, apartments for rent has its appeal, but having a pet in an apartment is never really a fun experience. Often there is very little room for you both, and if you have kids, you will be even more crowded.

    In contrast, manufactured home living gives you and your pet room to breathe.

    Finally, Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community, in Fenton, MI, is the better option over Cider Mill Crossing because you can have more than one pet.

    Take Away

    As you can see, finding the perfect Fenton, MI pet-friendly rental is not easy. There are more than just a few things to consider for your pet(s) and yourself.

    So, why not save search trouble when looking everywhere for affordable luxury, ample space, great amenities, and welcoming arms for your pets. Instead, call or contact Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community today for more information regarding a manufactured house for rent in Fenton, MI, and their flexible pet policies.

    Once you schedule an appointment and actually see the place, you will know that you made the right choice for you and your pet(s).

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