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Tyrone Woods Mobile Home Community

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    Mobile Homes for Rent in Fenton, MI


  • 8350 Decoy Drive
  • Lot 358
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.0 Bathrooms
  • 1792 Sq. Ft.
  • Rent Price: $1,550.00/mo
  • $1,400.00/mo

  • 9420 Crystal Tarn
  • Lot 389
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.0 Bathrooms
  • 1568 Sq. Ft.
  • Rent Price: $1,400.00/mo
  • $1,375.00/mo

  • 9440 Crystal Tarn
  • Lot 393
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.0 Bathrooms
  • 1568 Sq. Ft.
  • Rent Price: $1,375.00/mo
  • $1,200.00/mo

  • 8342 Feather Hollow
  • Lot 124
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.0 Bathrooms
  • 1568 Sq. Ft.
  • Rent Price: $1,200.00/mo
  • $1,175.00/mo

  • 8301 Canyon Trail
  • Lot 192
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.0 Bathrooms
  • 1344 Sq. Ft.
  • Rent Price: $1,175.00/mo
  • Affordable Double-Wide Houses. Great Living Spaces. A Welcoming Community.

    Luxury Mobile Homes for Rent in Fenton, Michigan

    Find luxury mobile homes for rent in Fenton, MI at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community. We offer fairly priced, new and used, double-wide mobile homes for rent in Fenton, MI, with living spaces of up to 2,200 square feet.

    Tyrone Woods Community mobile home parks

    Tyrone Woods’ homes for rent, in Fenton, MI were built with all budgets and lifestyles in mind. Whether you want to retire or raise a single family, we have got a mobile home that is a dream home rental for you.

    When you visit Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community in-person, it is easy to see why we rank amongst the top mobile home parks that offer new and used houses for rent, in Michigan. Our mobile home community also offers mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI.

    Tyrone Woods Signage

    Endless Perks with our

    Mobile Homes for Lease in Fenton, MI

    Beautiful and Weatherproof Houses

    When it comes to aesthetics, a Tyrone Woods’ mobile home for rent has got that covered.

    Beautiful Kitchen

    Our Fenton, MI houses for lease are made to be appealing and inviting. The exteriors are vinyl sided, which gives our mobile homes for rent in Fenton, MI the ultimate protection from any outdoor conditions.

    All of our Fenton, MI homes for lease also have pitched roofs, which provide perfect water drainage to avoid water logging. This goes to show that Tyrone Woods’ mobile home rentals are built with your comfort and sense of style in mind.

    Many Options to Choose From

    No two mobile homes for rent in our Fenton, MI community are alike. They were made for everyone, no matter what age, income level or lifestyle.

    manufactured homes are vinyl sided

    This is shown in the size of our new and used Fenton, MI mobile homes for rent. If you have a large single family, you wouldn’t need to worry about the number of rooms.

    A Tyrone Woods mobile home, in Fenton, MI, at very least, has 3 bedroom/2 baths. Some of our mobile homes for rent even house 4 beds. That’s enough for a couple looking to raise children, or even an already established single family

    Top of The Line Amenities

    For senior citizens looking to retire, we offer new and used mobile homes for rent in Fenton, MI that are as small as 1,500 square feet. These sized mobile home rentals still have plenty of living space, but are not too overbearing.

    Simply put, in Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community, there is a mobile home for everyone.


    Comfortable and Healthy Houses

    The rental mobile home listings at our Fenton, MI real estate property development are made with your comfort as a top priority.

    Affordable Mobile Homes

    Included with every Tyrone Woods’ mobile home is a central air conditioning unit, to keep you cool during the hot summer months, along with a central heating system, to help keep you warm during the winter. Some of our manufactured homes even come with stone fireplaces, and all of our houses come with washer/dryer hookups.

    Tyrone Woods has also installed a new water filtration system for every mobile home in our community to ensure the water you consume is clean and pure. This is all because your comfort and health are extremely important to us.

    Large Living Spaces

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community’s mobile home rentals in Fenton, MI were built with the understanding that having enough space is essential.

    Large Manufactured Homes

    We house only double-wide manufactured homes in our community, and you will not find one mobile home that is smaller than 1,500 square feet. Not to mention, you have plenty of outdoor real estate property to be entertained with by having your very own yard.

    So, if you’re looking for a Fenton, MI mobile home for rent with ample living space, Tyrone Woods is just the place for you.

    Lots of Open Spaces

    Finding a Fenton, MI mobile home for rent at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is a wise thing to do. One of the features that comes with a mobile home for rent here, in Fenton, MI, is a large property lot with a ton of open real estate.

    mobile home community is safe

    Our homes are strategically laid out through our mobile home community, so they are not too close to each other. Every mobile home gets their very own private yard, where you can garden, barbeque, layout, and more.

    For a single family with kids, having enough room in your mobile home will never be an issue. This is because there is enough real estate property and space between each mobile home for the kids to hang out and have fun.

    kitchen mobile manufactured home

    An Amazing Community Surrounds

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    Social Activities Abound

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community’s mobile homes for lease are set in the Tyrone Township, Michigan area, which is within the Fenton, MI city limits.

    Tyrone Township has an abundance of social gatherings and activities all year round to keep you and your family from ever feeling bored.

    Fenton Homes Community

    For example, in this location there is the Fenton Community and Cultural Center, a place where lots of organized social activities take place. For a few months a year, there is a farmers’ market in the front of the center, where you can always get very fresh produce at an affordable price.

    Every second Wednesday of the month, free films are also held at the Fenton Community and Cultural Center, and there is a Village Theatre where brilliantly produced plays are shown regularly. If you have a flair for acting, you can also be an actor or actress in one of their plays.

    Best Mobile Homes Fenton, MI

    These are just a few of the entertaining options at your disposal when you live in one of our Fenton, MI mobile home rentals.

    Shopping Centers

    If you love shopping, you are going to love our mobile home community. Fenton, MI has lots of shopping centers surrounding our mobile home real estate development.

    Whether you are interested in nationwide chain stores or local favorites, downtown Fenton, MI has got you covered.

    Quality Restaurants

    Many diners also surround our Fenton, MI mobile home community. These restaurants range from efficient fast-food restaurants to elegant sit-down dinners.

    manufactured homes within a beautiful setting

    Some restaurants near our mobile home community that are worth mentioning are the historic Fenton Hotel, in downtown Fenton, MI, the Black Rock in Hartland, which is near Fenton, MI, and the Rough Draught Coffee and Barron in Fenton, MI, just to name a few. These places serve you tasty cuisines from around the world, and they are all within minutes of our Fenton, MI mobile home community.

    Excellent School District

    Finding a Tyrone Woods’ mobile home for rent means that the academic futures of your children are covered. Our mobile home community is located in the Linden School District, where the students excel and are adequately prepared for their future.

    57% of the students in the Linden School District participate in sports, and 96% of the students are college-bound. So, if you want a school district where the academic affairs of your children are well taken care of, then find your mobile home for lease at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community.

    Easy Commute

    The central location of our real estate property development guarantees you an easy commute to major cities near Fenton, MI.

    Purchase One of our Mobile Homes

    Tyrone Woods’ mobile home community is just one hour from both Detroit, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan. It also only takes 30 minutes to get to Ann Arbor, Michigan or Flint, Michigan, and we are less than two hours from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Tyrone Woods’ houses for rent in Fenton, MI are strategically located near US-23, I-69 and M-59. This way, it is very easy to get to and from your destinations from our Fenton, MI mobile home community.

    Homes for Rent in Fenton, MI

    Come Home To

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    It has never been easier to find luxury manufactured homes for rent in or near Fenton, MI, and at an affordable price.

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    Schedule an appointment with us, and end your search to find your very own double-wide mobile home for lease in Fenton, MI, or manufactured homes for sale, today.

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