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    How to Buy Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton, Michigan

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on How to Buy Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton, Michigan

    How to Buy Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton, Michigan

    There are plenty of advantages to buying a mobile home that might interest you in Fenton, MI. However, what is a mobile home anyway? It is an off-site built home or rather manufactured in the factory and transported to the property?

    A mobile home comes in two types namely;

    • Single-Wide – Usually long and narrow with a compact design.
    • Double-Wide – Often has twice as much space as the normal home

    The term mobile home refers to houses built before 1976, while those built afterward are referred to as manufactured homes. Reasons being, the United States Department of Urban Planning and Development made some quality standard changes which define the modern manufactured homes.

    Caravan site park aerial view illuminated by summer sun uk

    If buying a manufactured home in Fenton, MI, is part of your house-hunting plan, then it’s good to understand that you can either buy and rent land on which the house will sit, or you may opt to buy both the land and the home. Now that you want to buy a mobile home in Fenton, where do you begin? Here’s all you need to know about mobile homes for sale in Fenton, Michigan.

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton, Michigan

    Getting Referrals from Friends

    Asking friends for their opinion, especially those that have bought in Fenton, MI, will be a good way to start. They have what it takes to guide you through the process from the start to the end. With their experience, they are likely to suggest some of the best new manufactured home dealers around Fenton, MI that you can trust.

    Doing an Internet Search

    If you have no friend who has bought in Fenton, MI before, it doesn’t mean you’ve hit rock bottom. Instead, you might want to take advantage of the internet and conduct research on mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI, and still get some useful information. Places like Cider Mill Crossings in Fenton, MI or Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community in Fenton, MI could be perfect to visit.

    internet search mobile homes

    A dealer of a mobile home in Fenton, MI will list their properties on websites and through a keyword search, you’ll find several. Create a shortlist with prospective mobile home sellers in Fenton, MI to visit and cross-check with your demands as you narrow down the list.

    Tips for Getting Approved by Mobile Home Communities

    It’s important to note communities in Fenton, MI have a set of rules and regulations guiding them. It’s such that brings orderliness and harmony in the manufactured home community and, therefore, if you’re to join them, understanding what they stand for is critical to your approval, for example, the Cider Mill Crossings in Fenton, MI or Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community in Fenton, MI.

    Willingness to Agree to Set of Rules

    As noted earlier, every manufactured home community in Fenton, MI follows some rules laid for the greater good of the people living around. A wise thing to do is go through them and seek to understand what they mean and if you’re willing to agree to them. For example, in the case of Cider Mill Crossings in Fenton, MI, you should check if pets are allowed to be kept within the community or not.

    What Are The Rules?

    Besides, does the community in Fenton, MI allow you to move the unit from the park? Such will be some of the questions you will be seeking to be addressed before signing a lease agreement.

    Willingness to Provide Personal Information

    It’s unlikely that communities like Cider Mill Crossings in Fenton, MI or Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community in Fenton, MI will agree to allow someone who isn’t willing to let their personal information known. Information such as credit card details will be among what will be requested and you don’t want to cut a figure of someone who is hiding anything from them.

    Mobile Homes For Sale LOGO

    Make their work easier by sharing the information they need to process your entry.

    Background Check is a Must

    Expect communities like Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community in Fenton, MI and Cider Mill Crossings in Fenton, MI to do a rigorous background check for safety purposes. They’d want to know where you lived previously and the reason for moving. Being transparent about your previous living arrangement will ease the process.

    Often these communities in Fenton, MI ask you to consent contact to your current employer and previous landlord. Play along and make sure the information is factual.

    Lease Agreement

    If all information has checked out, it’s time to have a look at the mobile home community lease agreement. How much will you be paying monthly? Such information should be at the top of your list. However, there are details in the mobile home community lease agreement that might be overwhelming. Get help from legal experts for clarity.

    Agreement on Mobile Homes

    Ways to Finance Buying Manufactured Homes

    Acquiring a mobile home in Fenton, MI is way cheaper than traditional real estate. It offers an escape route to those with a small budget and who want to own a home in Fenton, MI. Prices vary in Fenton with new 3 bedroom/2 bath ones ranging from $50,000-$100,000, while a used mobile home in Fenton can be bought from as low as $10,000, depending on the size (sq ft) and year.

    FHA Loan

    FHA is a government-backed loan that lets its applicant finance the buying of manufactured homes for sale, however, it has to certify the mobile home will be the primary residence of the applicant. If you’re looking to use an FHA loan, find a financial institution that is backed by the program.

    To be eligible for an FHA mortgage insurance, the mobile home must be built after 1976 with all certifications to prove the same.

    Loan Programs

    Personal Loans

    Since they are cheaper unlike traditional homes, you can finance them with a personal loan. It might just be what you need. Unlike other traditional loans where you could lose the home in case of default, with a mobile home here that’s not the case.

    However, you’ll be subjected to paying higher interest rates instead and given a shorter period to do the repayment. It’ll take you a shorter time to complete the application details.

    New manufactured home in a new community. The window on the far right on the front shows a reflection of the sunset at the top.

    VA Loans

    If you belong to the military community, the VA loan should be where to go for a loan to finance a mobile home in Fenton, MI. The good thing about VA loans is that they can finance up to 100% of the loan you need to acquire both the house and lot which the house will sit in.

    What You Need to Know About Buying Manufactured Homes

    Mobile home with American flag, front lawn and clear blue sky.

    You don’t want to go house hunting blindly, right? It’s wise to arm yourself with some useful information. Before buying, here are few things you should aware of:

    Value Depreciates Over Time

    Unlike traditional real estate where the value of land increases and a recoup of your investment is possible, manufactured homes are not tied to the land and wear over time making it difficult to get resell.

    With this in mind, you’ll be prepared for what you’re yourself into. You wouldn’t be expecting to get beyond what you paid for initially. Buying the house with land might be a good choice since the land value will appreciate over time.

    Residential Mobile Homes - UK

    Limited Financing Options

    In the case of traditional real estate in Fenton, MI, the financial institutions will be welcoming to your request unlike in the mobile home cases where financing options will be limited. If you’re armed with a small budget and used mobile home is what you’re targeting, then for some financial institutions, you’re likely to miss out on the list.

    If You’re Buying in the Park, Consider Paying Fees on Your Budget

    Buying in a park in Fenton, MI may be cheaper but comes with the cost of paying a lot of rent which the house sits on. On average you’re likely to pay $300 which covers the garbage collection, water, and sewage.

    Downsizing To A Mobile Home

    Decide Whether to Buy in a Park or Buy Land to Put Your House

    While many might assume a mobile home always belongs to the park community, well that’s not the case. You can choose to buy land and put up your mobile house. Depending on the budget, make a choice before looking for a house. If privacy is your concern, unlike in the community park, owning land will give you some sort of privacy.

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    Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan: What You Need to Know

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan: What You Need to Know

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan: What You Need to Know

    When you start thinking about mobile homes for sale in Michigan, there are a lot of factors to consider. You might still have to decide whether you’re going to get a brand-new home or purchase a used one available for sale. The rules, financial aspects, and building regulations are also important.

    With all of that said, the first step is to take a deep breath. There are several reasons that might, or might not, convince you to get a mobile home in Michigan. For starters, the location is great – there’s a relatively low cost of living, a sense of community, and an overall family-friendly environment.

    On the other hand, everyone has their own specifications and requirements. When it comes to choosing your dream home for sale, or even just a stepping stone for a couple of years, knowing the details, including the number of beds and bath options, is a must while shortlisting mobile homes for sale.

    Caravan site park aerial view illuminated by summer sun uk

    It’s true that the popularity of living in mobile homes for sale has shot up considerably over the past few years, thus, increasing the sales. People are becoming aware of how attractive simple living is, while the lure of easily moving around is quite tempting as well.

    If you want to make as informed a decision as possible, here are some factors to consider before looking at mobile homes for sale. These will hopefully help potential homeowners to shortlist homes for sale and finalize their decisions:

    Mobile Homes for Sale in Michigan

    Buying New or Used?

    There are several advantages you get with a brand-new home for sale. On the other hand, buying used mobile homes in Michigan for sale is also beneficial in a lot of ways.

    Fortunately, Michigan has options in both categories of homes. Take a look around, and you’ll probably find at least a few choices in the new and used homes in your area.

    Mobile home with American flag, front lawn and clear blue sky.

    The affordability, of course, is the biggest advantage when it comes to used manufactured homes for sale. You can get one with a relatively small down payment, or get a larger home with the same amount of money.

    You Can Have Luxuries

    Just because you’re living in a manufactured home, it doesn’t mean that your life will have to be rustic or extremely simple. The cost of the new home might be lower than a site-built house, but there’s always the option of having a lot of space.

    People who live in Michigan mobile homes might choose to splurge on bathrooms that give a spa-like experience, state-of-the-art kitchens, gorgeous flooring, and large rooms. Do your research and find out what’s possible before you start buying one of those homes.

    Interior Decor shot of Tiny House on a trailer, featuring a small space kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

    Pay Attention

    When you buy a used mobile home in Michigan, or anywhere else, be alert and aware. If the house seems to be available at a highly discounted price, it’s necessary to look even more closely at all of the details, including the bath options.

    If you’re going for a power-of-sale, be sure to get a close inspection of the place. The results of such an inspection will tell you whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

    A new manufactured home at a retirement trailer park.

    If you do find some damage in a mobile house, gauge whether the situation is serious or not. The discount price might be attractive, but weigh that with the cost of repair and whether the damage is even possible to fix in the first place.

    What’s more, if you get an older model of the house, it could be more challenging to spend your savings on the repair and renovation of such a home.

    Home inspection form with clipboard and pen.

    Location and Movement

    Mobile homes for sale might be movable, but that movement might require a fair amount of expense and effort. If you go for a used home, consider the location, along with other factors.

    For instance, if the house is already in a decent location, you might want to acquire it despite a slightly higher price.

    If you buy the mobile home available for sale and want to move it later on, there will be transportation costs and risks involved. The home might suffer some damage in the process and you may have to pay for the labor involved if that’s your agreement with the seller.

    Half of double-wide house trailer being transported along interstate highway.

    Also, keep in mind what the authorities of Michigan have to say on the subject. The Michigan Department of Transportation allows us to move a mobile home, as long as we have a permit for it. There also might be some setup fees in the new location. So, look those up and be prepared beforehand. Factor in all of these costs, and then look at the final price of your manufactured house.

    If the estimated price is too high, you might want to look into new manufactured homes instead. While new manufactured homes are typically more costly, they might not incur so many relocation expenses. That’s why choosing new manufactured homes may be a decision that is wise and reliable.

    Age Restrictions

    Whether you want to get a manufactured home in Michigan for yourself or a family member, remember that there are sometimes age restrictions in place when buying such homes.

    Residential Mobile Homes - UK

    For example, getting an older mobile house might prevent you from gaining entrance into your community of choice. Many such communities within Michigan have certain age restrictions.

    The Convenience Factor

    Buying a new mobile home has considerable advantages. Most of these homes have updated modern décor, bath options, and technological features that make life much easier.

    Trailer Homes on bricks blocks

    Find Reliable Parties

    Being on the search for a mobile home in Michigan isn’t just a matter of checking the number of baths or pondering the decor of the various options. You have to look at how a likely mobile home is constructed and manufactured. Check out the options that are popular; you might have to consult a licensed dealer that practices within your relevant area.

    Mobile Homes For Sale In Michigan

    It’s also helpful to find a realtor that can be helpful in locating the best spot for your dream house. Make sure these parties are reliable; hop online for reviews or ask your trusted circles of friends, family, colleagues, etc., while selecting one of those Michigan mobile homes for sale.

    At present, Michigan doesn’t have any statewide zoning regulations. This is the case in several other states as well. Make sure that you are also in touch with the local assessor’s office in order to check the zoning laws in your location.

    Titling the Mobile Home

    After finalizing the purchase of your new house for sale, ensure that it’s properly titled. Manufactured homes that are available for sale and are made after 1976 need a Certificate of Manufactured Home Ownership. Owners of manufactured homes can get this certificate from the Secretary of State’s Office.

    Your new house, real estate agent holding house key to his client after signing contract agreement in office,concept for real estate, renting property

    Buyers who are purchasing from the dealer can expect them to apply for this title on their behalf.

    If you’re making a deal with a previous homeowner, though, the title will be signed over to you, so make sure there are no existing liens. From there, you can apply for the title and certificate from any Secretary of State branch office.

    Transporting the Home

    As mentioned above, transporting mobile homes will require certain additional steps. Along with the fee and permit, there are certain regulations to follow and uphold.

    Luxury caravan, static holiday home

    If you’re getting your home from the dealer, they will probably have staff for the purpose of handling transport and setting up.

    When getting used to mobile homes from homeowners, though, you might have to hire a team of your own. When doing so, make sure to double-check the setup and transport teams’ credentials.

    Mobile Home with American Flag

    To be on the safe side, take several pictures of the mobile or manufactured homes’ interior before transporting it. Take some more just before you move in too, just to be on the safe side.


    No matter what kind of mobile home you end up choosing, it should be one that caters to your specific needs and requirements. What works for your friend, or a vlogger, might not work for you and your family. Take a bit of time, get well-versed on the subject, and then decide whether you want to buy any mobile homes in Michigan.

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    Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home

    4 years ago · · Comments Off on Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home

    Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home

    When searching for homes for sale or lease, there is a chance that you may not have considered renting or buying a mobile home… but you should!

    Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home

    Mobile homes are not what they used to be. In fact, in the United States, it is estimated that there are about 20 million Americans currently living in what is manufactured housing.

    Aerial View of Home Park

    To break it down even further, about 57% of those living in manufactured homes are employed, and another 23% are retired and living a great life.

    The reason for this is because moving into a manufactured home has a lot to offer these days, so it is no surprise that many people are choosing this lifestyle.

    Small blue gray mobile home with a front and side porch. It has a white porch railing out in the country on land shared by a larger siding house.

    So, without further adieu, we present to you the top five benefits of living in a manufactured home.

    1.   Comfort

    When it comes to your home, one thing that you want out of it is comfort.

    More and more people are realizing that they do not need as much stuff, but rather just a comfortable place to rest, and manufactured homes can provide this luxury.

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    There are many great options when it comes to mobile homes, making it a great and comfortable choice, no matter what your situation might be.

    2. No Commitment

    If you are tired of apartment living, but you do not want the commitment that comes with buying traditional homes, then residing in a manufactured home is a great option.

    New Red Home

    When you buy a stick-built single family home, you are committing to the real estate property, which comes with real estate taxes, the location, and the upkeep of everything.

    Half of double-wide house trailer being transported along interstate highway.

    If you do not like your neighbors or the new developments coming up around your site-built home, there is little that you can do to change it.

    White caravans in a modern trailer park, Scarborough, England.

    However, when you choose to rent a mobile home, you get the comfort of a mobile home park neighborhood, along with all of the amenities the home park offers, with the option of being able to move if you ever want to.

    Blue Home

    If you choose to purchase a mobile home, you have the option of moving your home, which is considered personal property, into different mobile home parks, where you would just owe a lot rent, or you could even move it onto your own private land, if you so ever desire. Learn what it costs to move a manufactured home here.

    A new manufactured home at a retirement trailer park.

    Any way you slice it, living in manufactured homes means that you can get the home that you want, without all of the other commitments that come with a stick-built home. Learn other advantages of a mobile home vs. stick-built here.

    3. Best of Both Worlds

    When you decide on manufactured homes vs. apartments, you get many of the bonuses that are offered by site-built homes, such as your own yard.

    Mobile Home with American Flag

    Another benefit is that you will not have as many rules as you would find in an apartment building, or from living in a condo.

    For example, if you have pets, you will find that moving into manufactured home communities may free you from the outrageous pet fees that are often charged by apartment rental companies. Just make sure to read the mobile home community pet policy.

    Residential mobile home park

    4. Customizable Space

    If you are looking to downsize a bit, or if you love to decorate, the condensed space provided by a mobile home is key.

    Michigan Mobile Manufactured Home

    The mobile homes of today are designed to fit the things that you need in a smaller area. This will allow you the opportunity to do so much more, with less.

    Manufactured homes are built in factories, not at the site like stick-built homes are.

    community homes

    This means that you simply put the order of exactly what you want into the manufacturer, then they build it and bring it to you.

    Trailer Homes on bricks blocks

    If you want some great flooring or a quality kitchen, manufactured homes will help you realize these dreams.

    A Michigan Mobile Home

    Mobile homes can also be decorated in many styles, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone.

    5. Money

    One of the main reasons that you should consider single-wide or double-wide homes manufactured in a factory over a stick-built home is the average price per square foot.

    Residential Mobile Homes

    Simply put, manufactured homes are much more affordable, and their energy-efficiency will help you save money in the long run. Learn more about energy-efficient manufactured homes here.

    Now, manufactured homes may not appreciate in value like a stick-built house would, but they are much cheaper and have all of the same luxuries. With that said, you can learn how to increase the value of a manufactured home by simply reading our guide here.

    Row of caravan trailers

    In addition, it is often less expensive to rent a mobile home than many apartments or condos throughout Michigan.

    Mobile homes are the perfect choice for young people who are just getting started on their own or people who are retiring and want to downsize their lifestyle to fit their retirement earnings better.

    Mobile Home with American Flag

    Even people who are simply tired of paying all of the expenses that come with traditional home ownership should consider mobile homes for sale as a way to spend less money per month on their living expenses.

    Final Thoughts

    When weighing the pros and cons of a double-wide or single-wide mobile home, you really cannot go wrong.

    There are many options from which to choose, as well as several great locations.

    Luxury caravan, static holiday home

    If you are currently looking for a new place to live, choosing a mobile home in Fenton, MI might be the exact place that you have been looking for.

    Not that we are biased or anything, but Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is without a doubt the best place to call home.

    Downsizing To A Mobile Home Tyrone Woods Manufactured Homes

    So reach out to us, we have many different manufactured homes for sale in Fenton, MI and mobile homes for rent in Fenton, MI available.

    See you soon!

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