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    The Best Modular Homes Michigan Has To Offer

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    The Best Modular Homes Michigan Has To Offer

    With its vibrant downtown areas, quaint suburbs, and gorgeous natural setting, Michigan is a fantastic place to live and work. Within Michigan, you will find an abundance of hiking trails, lakes, majestic forests, and other scenic landscapes. You will also find one-of-kind restaurants and shopping centers.

    People that live here would not want to live anywhere else.

    If you are looking for factory built, custom modular homes for sale in Michigan, you have many options to choose from. Michigan modular homes are good options because they are affordable, make less use of construction waste, and are a clear path to homeownership.

    If you want to find the best Michigan modular homes, then we are here to tell you why Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is the top contender among the best modular homes in Michigan.
    Modular Homes Michigan

    Modular Homes Michigan

    Tyrone Township Is A Great Place to Live

    First settled in 1834, Tyrone Township, Michigan, is one of the best places to live. Located in northeastern Livingston County, Michigan, Tyrone Township has a rural, natural feel that still offers a lot to see and do. With a population of approximately 10,300 residents, you will get to know your Michigan neighbors and enjoy a serene, peaceful setting at the same time.

    If you enjoy the outdoors, then you are surrounded by all the wonders nature has to offer in Michigan.

    There are plenty of hiking and bicycle trails, as well as nature and dog parks. If you enjoy golf, there are plenty of courses to choose from. Tyrone Township, Michigan, is also home to a major Indigenous trail known as the Shiawassee Trail, a place where you can be a part of history.

    Tyrone Woods Managers Office

    Tyrone Township, Michigan, is not only a safe place to live, but it also has many restaurants and eateries to choose from, whether you want classic southern dishes or want something a little more eclectic. There are also plenty of boutiques, consignments, and other shopping available. There are even balloon ride services and local wineries.

    Living here is simply like living in a dream; it is truly a remarkable place.

    You Will Have An Easy Commute

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is located on Hogan Road, in Fenton, Michigan.

    While we pride ourselves on being in the middle of such a natural, peaceful setting, you can also drive to downtown Fenton, Michigan within minutes. Ann Arbor is also less than 30 minutes away, and you are less than 60 minutes away from Detroit and Lansing.

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Homes

    At our Michigan modular home community, you are surrounded by golf courses, majestic trees, and plenty of green spaces, but it does help to note that you will have an easy commute should you need to visit another major city. At Tyrone Woods Modular and Manufactured Home Community, in Michigan, you are less than 15 minutes from Prices Airport, less than 30 minutes from Bishop International Airport, and a short 45-minute drive from Oakland County International Airport.

    Our Homes Are Very Affordable

    We offer only the best double-wide custom modular homes floor plans for home buyers that Michigan has to offer, at an affordable price.

    While most Michigan modular homes start at $50,000 and can skyrocket upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Tyrone Woods’ modular homes are in the price range of $30,000 to $50,000. This is an extremely stellar price for a modular home, considering you are getting prime Fenton, Michigan, real estate.

    Tyrone Woods Community

    To own your dream modular home, we offer down payments as low as 10% for our modular homes, which means that you can purchase one of our Michigan modular homes for as low as $1,500. You cannot get better than that!

    If you are not ready to own a Michigan modular home and would rather rent, we’ve got you covered. We offer the best luxury modular homes for rent in Michigan. With prices starting at $795/mo., these modular homes are both luxurious and affordable.

    Worried about your credit score?

    Do not worry because all credit types are considered for a modular home of ours. You can still own your dream home!

    Tyrone Woods Dream Home

    These Homes Have It All

    Our modular homes have vinyl siding, making them weatherproof, and have pitched roofs to help with the elements and water draining. Being surrounded by such a natural and lush setting, we want to ensure that your modular home is protected from all kinds of inclement weather.

    We also have a variety of modular homes, with several different floor plans to choose from.

    These floor plans include options of modular homes over 1,500 sq ft., with at least 3 beds and 2 baths. Some floor plans also have living spaces of up to 2,200 sq. ft. Many of the floor plans in our modular homes also include hardwood flooring, oak kitchens, stone fireplaces, amongst other modern features. You will also be pleased to know that there is central air conditioning and heating included in all of our modular home floor plans.

    Tyrone Woods Community Homes

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is just that – a community.

    Your new home will have it’s own private yard, with still good proximity to the neighbors, so that you can plan a barbecue, show off your garden, and get to know those who surround you. We are also a pet-friendly modular home community, so feel free to bring your four-legged friends along your new home!

    Did you know that these modular home floor plans also come with a brand-new water filtration system built in place for the entire modular home community? That is because we care about our modular home residents, and we also want to offer the best in eco-friendly design.

    Talk about getting the best out of your dream home!

    We Have An Excellent Staff

    Tyrone Woods is family-owned and operated.

    We treat you with the same respect and care that we would with our own family members. We have an excellent modular home staff who constantly goes the extra mile to make sure that all issues are addressed immediately. We are always accessible and effective communicators, so you can reach out when you need to.

    Tyrone Woods Signage Managers OFfice

    Our modular homes management team also cares about our surrounding community.

    Not only do we participate in food drives, but we have even donated directly to the local school district. We also hold management sponsored social events for the modular home community.

    We want you to feel like you are a part of something bigger here, so we bring our A+ Game when it comes to making you feel right at home.

    Find The Home That Is Right for You

    If you are looking for modular homes in Michigan, then Tyrone Woods Manufactured Homes Community is your best bet to make your new home. Not only are our modular homes affordable, but they are luxurious too. All of our modular homes are tailored to the highest standards and quality.

    You will also come home to Tyrone Township, a wonderful place to live and work. Live in a completely natural, rustic setting, but still be close enough to restaurants, boutiques, and plenty of entertainment options. Whether you are looking for a bookstore, a jeweler, florist, or another specialist shop, it’s all here. We are also only 30 minutes from Flint and Ann Arbor, and only a short 60-minute drive from Lansing and Detroit.

    If you are ready to find your dream home, then schedule an appointment today. We also have a virtual mobile home tour right on our website.

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    The Best Prefab Homes Michigan Has to Offer

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    The Best Prefab Homes Michigan Has to Offer

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is truly where luxurious living meets affordability. This is one modular homes community in Michigan that comes with many amenities. If you have never heard of Tyrone Woods’ modular homes in Michigan, you may be wondering why you should consider our floor plans and buy a modular home here. Let us give you a few reasons to think of us during your next modular home purchase venture.

    Prefab Homes Michigan

    Strategic Location

    It does not matter how much sq. ft. you need, there is no need to move to a modular home place if you are not near essential amenities. Residents in modular homes of Tyrone Woods don’t encounter this problem because several major cities are less than one hour away. For instance, Ann Arbor is only a half an hour drive from our modular home community.

    Those looking for more entertainment in Detroit and Lansing will take less than 60 minutes to reach these two cities. This is because several major expressways are within minutes of Tyrone Woods Modular Home Community.

    Best Scenery

    Tyrone Township, where our real estate development is located, was founded in 1834 by the first European immigrants to Michigan. These settlers were attracted by several sceneries, such as the famous Indian Trail that used to go through the township. The trail connected Detroit to other counties in Michigan.

    It’s been a long time since Indians used the trail, but the picturesque environment has not faded away. After you move into one of Tyrone Woods’ Michigan prefab modular homes, you will be swimming in a wide variety of activities, such as golfing, boat riding, fishing and hiking.

    Nearby Shopping

    Everybody enjoys a great shopping experience that improves your mood and saves money. This is what exactly is available to the residents that live in Tyrone Woods’ prefab modular homes.

    The nearby town has several areas for shopping activities. Similarly, there are many historical shopping centers such as Yesterday’s Treasures, Fenton’s Open Book Shopping Center and the Iron Gate Downtown Shopping Area.

    National brands such as Walmart and Auto-Lab have also moved into the area. This is not to mention the several small family-owned stores that are located in downtown Fenton, where you can get great discounts. For instance, if you are looking for locally manufactured furniture for your prefab home, we advise that you check the Quilters Garden.

    Great Dining

    Cooking at home can be exciting and affordable, but some people prefer eating out. If you’d like to eat at a restaurant once in a while, there are many fast-food chains in downtown Fenton. If you are looking for more of a formal sit down meal, perhaps you have heard of the famous Fountain Hotel Tavern & Grille and Black Rock Bar & Grill in Fenton, because you are likely to find your favorite meal at both of these restaurants.

    Nearby Entertainment

    Moving into our best prefab homes Michigan has to offer means your evenings, weekends and holidays will be filled with so many fun activities. The area is brimming with historic golf courses and other fun events. You can even join other people at the Fenton Community Center every Thursday for fun farmers events.

    Once you move into a modular home at Tyrone Woods, you will learn about the Fenton Farmers Market that happens from June to September, which is in fact right at the Fenton Community Center. The Community Center also shows free films every Wednesday.

    We also encourage you to join the Fenton Village Players for theatre events, which you can volunteer or audition for. Simply put, there are many events for anybody looking for entertainment.

    Educational Opportunities

    Tyrone Woods Modular Home Community is located in the Linden Community School System. This is a school community with exemplary statistics, such as 95% college transition. Furthermore, more than half of the students take part in sports regularly. Your children will learn several extracurricular activities in a safe and conducive environment.

    Some parents encourage students to enroll in a medium college within the area. Transportation is not a problem because school and college buses will pick up and drop off students right at the entrance of our community.

    Spacious Prefab Homes

    Some of our Michigan prefab homes or custom modular homes offer up to 2,200 sq. ft. of living space, with most of our modular homes for sale being at least 1,500 sq. ft., and you are unlikely to find a better deal anywhere else. These double-wide modular homes provide enough space for people with large families.

    With our wide variety of modular home floor plans, you can choose between 3 or 4 beds, with at least 2 baths in each. All of our modular home floor plans also include a central HVAC system and smart water system, so you can track your water usage down to the hour.

    Waterproof & Beautiful Homes

    Modular home floor plans can have the latest features and fittings, but it may not be ideal if it lacks the right aesthetics. Without the right aesthetics, that modular home’s value and comfortability drops significantly. Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community’s construction home builder and designers were very much aware of this fact when they were constructing their modular home real estate development.

    Prefab Homes Michigan

    Our prefab homes in Michigan, or custom modular homes, have other tremendous advantages, such as vinyl siding all the way around and pitched roofs. It was important to Tyrone Woods’ developers to offer only modular homes with vinyl siding for not only to have more curb appeal, but to also protect the modular homes from any and all weather elements. The pitched roofs also help protect the modular homes because it offers excellent drainage, so you will have no issue of waterlogging.

    Several Options

    If you have visited many communities with prefab homes/modular homes, you would realize many of the modular homes within these neighborhoods have the same look and layout. That is not the case with Tyrone Woods’ Michigan prefab homes/modular homes, because each has its own unique style. We were inspired by the fact that no two people are the same, and that people from different backgrounds, careers, and income levels will have different lifestyles, thus require or desire different floor plans.

    For instance, each home has a specific sq. ft. size. People with large families can choose a larger sq. ft. home, while single individuals can go for smaller sq. ft. ones. That being said, since we sell prefab homes/modular homes with at least 3 beds, any couple with young children will start on a solid footing.

    On the other hand, senior citizens can rent or purchase smaller sq. ft. modular homes, so they can have the amount of living space that is just right for them. This way, everybody has a place that suits their needs here at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community.

    Many Open Spaces

    Real estate developers in other parts of Michigan are concerned with maximizing the space for houses. While they are planning for maximum homes, they may ignore the importance of leaving open spaces. Lots of open real estate creates a greater sense of freedom and togetherness. Open spaces are gems where people can gather to play or host events.

    You have so many options at your fingertips when you have open real estate to enjoy. You can plant vegetables or flowers, or create a playground for your children for fun activities. This is what the Tyrone Woods’ designers for these Michigan prefab homes/modular homes had in mind.

    A Vibrant Community

    Tyrone Woods is a social hub with many social events. The owners of our community have ways of coming up with exciting social events to keep our residents happy. Moreover, the community has been able to integrate with the nearby Tyrone Township.

    There’s so much to see and take part in when you move to Tyrone Township. For instance, you can join people on a fishing trip or hunting excursion.

    Bottom Line

    Buying a prefab home in Michigan sounds dull and scary at first, but there’s so much to look forward to when you move to Tyrone Woods Modular Home Community. The scenery, strategic location, fantastic community, and exquisite finishings are more than you can dream about. We hope that you will join us soon.

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    Fenton, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

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    Fenton, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

    Fenton is among the best cities in Genesee County, MI, especially for those looking for a place to call home. The city is reputable for having a wonderful selection of houses, including site-built homes, apartments, and manufactured homes. 

    If you live in Fenton, or any other part of Genesee County, you’ll have access to some of the best features, including excellent shopping destinations, recreational facilities, quality transportation networks, among others.

    Fenton, MI also has a rich history worth exploring. 

    In this article, we’ll focus on everything you need to know when it comes to the history of Fenton. 

    Fenton, MI History

    Let’s explore the history of the city of Fenton below:

    History of Fenton

    Clark Dibble, ‘one of the first settlers,’ was moving through the trackless wilderness from Shiawassee to Grand Blanc (Grumlaw) in 1834 and, by chance, found himself on the White Lake Trail.

    Around Grand Blanc, he turned north and arrived at a spot on the Shiawassee River. Clark Dibble liked the location, especially its beauty, so he decided to stay and examine the lay of the land.

    Upon returning to Grumlaw, he convinced several families to stay here. By 1836, Dibbleville, which is what Fenton was first named, had two small houses, a sawmill, and a few people, with everything built beside the river.

    Dibbleville was situated at the center of five well-traveled trails. Families started making their homes in the location after the land became platted in 1839. 

    Dibbleville’s border included the area from Robert Street to South Street, and West Street to East Street.

    The name Fenton is credited to the winner of the card games between Robert LeRoy (a land speculator) and William M. Fenton, in August 1837.

    William M. Fenton was a land speculator and lawyer. As a consolation for losing in the game, Robert LeRoy had his name on LeRoy Street, which is the main route in the city.

    However, the game didn’t stop at a single hand. Fenton and LeRoy kept on naming other streets, selecting names in turn, as per the fall of the cards.

    For instance, Shiawassee Street was named Elizabeth Street after Mrs. LeRoy, who was the wife of Robert LeRoy. The other streets include Lavinia Street, for Mrs. Rockwell, and Adelaide Street, for Mrs. Fenton. 

    Later in 1837, LeRoy developed a hotel in Fenton and became a postman. William M. Fenton became a Lieutenant Governor of Michigan. Fenton and LeRoy, therefore, played critical roles in the development of this great city. 

    In the 1850s, a railroad terminated in Fenton, making the village a critical transportation and commercial center.

    From 1837 to 1886, the post office used the name Fentonville. Fenton was the farthest the railroad reached in the state, while making wagon trips from Saginaw and Flint.

    Later, a platted road was put up between Fenton and Flint to facilitate shipping. 

    In 1863, the settlement was very successful and was incorporated as the Village of Fenton. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that the village of Fenton was promoted to the City of Fenton.

    In the 1970s, Fenton closed LeRoy Street and leveled downtown buildings for an urban renewal plan. In 1984, the Fenton community celebrated its sesquicentennial.

    Even today, the downtown Fenton area still retains a historical look, while including a town square for shopping.

    The Shiawassee River flows through the city park, over a dam, into the town center. The dam includes a walkway by the river and an old-fashioned gazebo that overlooks the City Hall.

    There have been renovations in the city, including the expansion of the Old Fire Hall and converting it to a hotel. Some of the historical buildings that still remain include the Fenton United Methodist Church, the City Hall, and the post office.

    City Attractions

    The City of Fenton still retains its historical look, even to date. If you’re looking for recreation activities, this city has got you covered!

    Fenton has various shopping destinations with three different areas for shopping: N. LeRoy, Silver Parkway, and Dibbleville. There is also a Fenton Township square-style shopping plaza in the city.

    There are also many destinations where you can dine, including fine dining restaurants and regional food chains. You can check out the specific shops and restaurants from the Fenton Business Directory page

    The city is surrounded by incredible beauty. For instance, there are about 58 lakes around the city, including White Lake. This means that you can engage in swimming, fishing, boating, and other water sports.

    If you visit White Lake, you’ll enjoy the fine beaches and picnic areas. 

    There is also Lake Fenton, which has at least 11 miles of shoreline and is the largest lake in the area.

    During winter, you can engage in skiing, ice fishing, iceboating, and snowmobiling. There are also other activities such as golfing, bowling, and canoeing.

    Why Fenton is the Best Place to Settle

    Great Sense of Community

    As we have seen above, Fenton was initially called Dibbleville and has grown to a city with about 11,700 residents. The city is perfect for those who love settling in a laid-back neighborhood. The small population within the city makes it boast a great sense of community among its inhabitants.

    The local businesses in Fenton always come together to host sporting activities. There are also many hangout joints where you can meet new friends and hang out with family.

    As we have seen above, there is a diverse selection of restaurants and shopping destinations that you can choose from.

    To ensure that people embrace a sense of community, residents here hold an ice festival in winter, and two flea markets during summer. There is also a Catholic Church festival in the fall, and almost every summer the locals plant flowers together.

    Fenton is a small city where life is excellent, people know each other and they get along quickly. This city has a great sense of community that is unrivaled.

    Affordable Living Cost

    Fenton should be your top priority, especially if you prefer settling in a location that has an affordable living cost.

    The living cost in the city is lower than the average Michigan cities, and is 8% lower than the national average. Life here is more affordable than in major cities such as New York, LA, Brooklyn, Oakland, and even Detroit.

    If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t have to solely look at big cities like New York to reside in, because Fenton is also the place you should settle. There is less competition and plenty of business opportunities.

    Flexible Housing Options

    The city of Fenton boasts flexible housing options. There are houses for everyone, ranging from McMansions on the shores of the lake to Victorians spread across the city. Several manufactured homes are even available.

    Manufactured homes present more privacy and space. If you add the affordability to other benefits of living in Fenton, such as scenic landscapes, low crime rates, and excellent schools, you’ll notice that it’s the best place to settle.

    Low Crime & Great Education

    Moving to Fenton is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, especially if you have children or plan to start a family.

    The City of Fenton has some of the best schools, within a three-mile radius, that focus on community development.

    The excellent sense of community that we have described earlier means that insecurity isn’t something to worry about.

    Fenton has one of the lowest crime rates in the state of Michigan, being 5% lower than the national average.

    The city is well lit at night to lower the insecurity and crime rates.

    Natural Resources & Beauty Galore

    If you would like to live in a place that connects you with mother nature, then Fenton is the perfect place for you. There are miles of lakes and forests that you can visit to enjoy. The city also has an outstanding natural beauty that is difficult to match.

    As we have seen above, the Fenton area presents a historical look. There is no argument that this is partly what contributes to its beauty.

    If you are a nature person, then there are plenty of natural parks that you can visit. For instance, the area of land covered by parks is about 170 acres. There is even a park in the middle of the city, with the Shiawassee River flowing through, as we have referenced earlier. You can access the park through Fenton Lake Road.

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    What To Do in Fenton, Michigan: Must See Places

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    What To Do in Fenton, Michigan: Must See Places

    Fenton, MI, mainly lies in Genesee County, while sharing a small area with the neighboring Oakland and Livingston counties.

    With the cost of living eight percent lower than the national average, Fenton is an excellent place to visit and the perfect city to live in. The city has managed to retain its historical outlook with a blend of modern culture.

    lake fenton bay city

    If you’re one for recreational activities, you’ll be glad to hear Fenton, MI, lies in the heart of many recreational activities, and it is home to 58 lakes within a radius of 10 miles (16.09km).

    The lakes in Fenton, MI provide people with an opportunity to indulge in swimming, boating (water sports) and fishing, along with so much more.

    lake fenton bay city

    What To Do in Fenton, Michigan

    Fenton, MI offers so much that you’re likely to lose track of time.

    From historical buildings, lake living, fishing, fantastic shopping centers, and a range of restaurant chains and dining options to satisfy your hunger, Fenton, MI, has something for everyone; for both adults and kids alike.

    largest lake cider mills

    In addition, Fenton, MI, doesnt fall short in outdoor activities. You can explore activities such as cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice-fishing during winter.

    If you’re visiting Fenton for the first time, you’ll be amazed by how much the city can offer.

    A mixed age range group of friends having a meal together at a top attractions restaurant.

    Fenton, MI has everything to let you enjoy your time in Michigan.

    Here are some of the best must-see places in Fenton, MI:

    Explore Different Wines at Seven Lakes Vineyard & Winery

    The vineyard is located at 1111 Tinsman Rd, Fenton, MI 48430, and it’s known for producing the finest wines in the state of Michigan.

    Lush Wine Grapes Clusters Hanging On The top attractions Vine.

    The best thing about the vineyard is that it is conveniently located in the holy township of Fenton.

    If you’re a wine fanatic, then you’ll be glad to hear the winery remains open on Saturdays and Sundays for wine tasting.

    View of a grape field top attractions

    This winery at Fenton, MI boasts a range of unique blends, including LaRose Red, LaRose White, Sunset Blush, Capriccio, and other classics, such as Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.

    If you’re looking for wines with heart, soul, and spirit, Seven Lakes Vineyard & Winery in Fenton will be your go-to place.

    drinking red wine at vineyard

    Shopping at Fenton Village Marketplace

    The Fenton Village Marketplace is one of the popular retail spaces among tourists and locals.

    It is located at 15010-15110 Silver Pkwy, Fenton, MI 48430.

    Shopping at Fenton

    Shopping at Fenton Village Market will leave you with a‌ ‌thrilling‌ ‌shopping‌ ‌experience‌.‌ ‌

    The best thing about this village market is that it’s centrally located with numerous access points, thus facilitating a more significant influx of retailers.

    Young women enjoying a window shopping

    This shopping mall in Fenton offers a great mix of shops and fantastic dining options. This buzzing retail community reflects the style requirement of the neighboring places in Fenton.

    If shopping doesnt excite you, then check out our next mustsee place in Fenton, MI.

    Visit AJ Phillips Fenton Museum

    This museum in Fenton is located at 10 S. Leroy St, Fenton, MI 48430.

    It’s more than 100 years old, being built-in 1900, and the AJ Philips heirs donated the building in 1906.

    Today, it’s owned by the city, and this extensive museum has been divided into various sections, based on themes.

    Family Looking At Artifacts In Glass Case On Trip To Museum

    If you want to have experience with war items during the Civil War and Spanish American War, one of the prime areas in this museum has them on display.

    Many of the war items found in the museum came through John Cox, an auctioneer who acquired many pieces on behalf of the Historical Society.

    In addition, the museum offers much more than just war items on display. The Historical Society is the keeper of school history for Fenton.

    With that said, it has an area where the name of every Fenton graduate since 1869 is mentioned.

    Visit Silver Lake Park

    Often described as one of the city’s hidden jewels, Silver Lake Park is Fenton’s largest park. It is on 35.4 acres and was developed in 1974.

    This park is located at 16000 Jennings Rd, Fenton, MI 48430.

    Father and daughter have fun outdoor rowing boat on lake

    Newcomers to the city of Fenton may not be aware that behind all of that commercial development on Silver Parkway, between Owen and Silver Lakes roads, is a beautiful park, complete with a clean and sandy beach, nature trails, and more.

    In addition to 300 feet of sandy beach, there is

    ●     A Bathhouse

    ●     Nature Trails

    ●     Ball Fields

    ●     Volleyball Courts

    ●     Horseshoe Pits

    ●     Badminton Courts

    ●     Play Equipment for the Kids

    ●     A Concession Stand

    ●     Two Pavilions with Electricity

    ●     Picnic Areas with Grills

    Simply put, Silver Lake Park is known to be a place full of fun.

    Experience the Best Trails in Dauner Martin Nature Sanctuary

    Located off of Fenton Rd, Fenton, MI 48430, this sanctuary is one of the most popular reserves in Fenton, Michigan.

    This sanctuary in Fenton, MI is spread over an area of 155 acres of land (62.72 hectares).

    sanctuary in Fenton

    If you’re a nature trail fanatic, then this sanctuary in Fenton, MI, will best suit you. It has long trails of footpaths, making it a suitable place for locals to have a quick escape in the woods, enjoy the wildflowers, and explore nature more closely.

    The best thing about this sanctuary in Fenton is that it has a collection of trees ranging from pine grooves, cherry trees, and oak trees, amongst many more.

    Heart Tree

    Dating back, Robert Dauner and Marion Min did planting year in and year out in a bid to preserve the natural habitat.

    If you’re in Fenton, MI and are wondering where to go, this sanctuary can be the perfect answer.

    Play Golf at Coyote Preserve Golf Club

    Located at 9218 Preserve Dr, Fenton, MI 48430, this golf club is beautifully maintained with a comfortable clubhouse, fully stocked Pro Shop, extensive event menu, and friendly staff.

    The easy access from US-23 makes Coyote Preserve the perfect place to meet your golf buddies, host your league, hold a corporate outing or business meeting, or even a reception.

    golf buddies

    If you’re in fact thinking about holding a reception, golf outing, business meeting, or other special events, the staff at Coyote Preserve Golf Club in Fenton, MI will be at your service. They will make the day completely enjoyable for you.

    Before visiting, you might want to check out their website for more information, and call or email them for any bookings for your events.

    Try the Mouthwatering Dishes at La Marsa Fenton

    Started in 2006 by three friends, La Marsa Fenton had the vision to create a healthy and delicious supper for their guests.

    The restaurant is located at 7055 Silver Pkwy, Fenton, MI 48430.


    This restaurant, in Fenton, MI, is open from 10:00am-10:00pm (daily), meaning you can jump right in at any time and still have your meal.

    The menus keep changing internationally, and they are served on seasonal small plates.

    The spread consists of raw juice and smoothies, hummus, a separate kids menu, delicious desserts, and many more; all these to just complete your meal.

    Among the popular menu items at La Marsa Fenton include:

    ●     Shish Tawook

    ●     Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

    ●     Fresh Baked Pita Bread

    ●     Raw Juice and Beverages

    ●     Fresh Squeezed Juice

    ●     Cobra Juice

    Final Thought

    Fenton, MI is known for its natural beauty, being rich in history, and recreational places.

    Whether indoors or outdoors in Fenton, MI, you can hardly fall short of activities to do. Besides being a center for attraction, the lower cost of living positions Fenton as one of the best places to live in all of Michigan.

    If you’re visiting Fenton for the first time, the places mentioned above are tempting enough to leave you planning for your next activity in Fenton, MI.

    While visiting Fenton, your goal should be to have fun with your pals, fiancé, kids, and so on.

    Taking time to pick the best places will go a long way to seeing you have fun.

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