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    How to Deep Clean a Mobile Home

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on How to Deep Clean a Mobile Home

    How to Deep Clean a Mobile Home

    Justin Becker

    Updated: January 17, 2022

    Since mobile homes go through normal wear and tear through the years, they require a thorough deep cleaning from time to time. This is very critical, especially if you’re in the process of selling a manufactured home.

    Deep cleaning a mobile home goes beyond the routine sweeping of the floor, dusting the bookshelf, and washing dishes. With deep cleaning, youre forced to scrub every nook and cranny of your mobile home, including spaces that are normally neglected during normal routine cleanup.

    Deep cleaning a mobile home

    Therefore, deep cleaning leaves your home feeling like new again. Here, we highlight the steps to deep clean your manufactured home effectively.

    How to Deep Clean a Mobile Home

    Let’s consider the steps to deep cleaning your mobile home:

    Clean Mobile Home Walls

    Here, you should consider the wall type you’re dealing with and the paint that is on them. Mobile homes designed with different wall types, which include drywall, wood, tile, or even vinyl.

    Dust Your Walls

    This is the first step to take. If you aren’t careful, piles of dust can hang on your mobile home walla. Use a vacuum cleaner for effective dust removal before you clean mobile home walls.

    We also recommend using a broom to remove cobwebs.

    Focus on Stains

    While dusting, you’ll notice crayon marks, random grime, and hand-smears on the walls. Employ any of the below mixtures to remove stains:

    Baking Soda

    Employ an efficient scrub with baking soda. Scrubs are effective on walls where grease and grime can form layers.

    Use baking soda on ceramic tile backsplashes or painted walls. Scrub the stains and then wipe gently using a cloth.

    Turpentine Oil

    Turpentine has also proven to be effective at removing stains. Mix turpentine with equal parts of salt, and apply it to noticeable stains.

    Let it settle there for a few minutes, then scrub it with a scrub brush.

    Washing Soda

    If you notice extremely stubborn stains, then applying a stronger cleaning solution will be helpful. Wipe your wall with a cleaning solution of four quarts of clean water and 3.5 oz of washing soda.

    Cornstarch and Talcum Powder

    Mixing cornstarch and talcum powder with water can clear up pesky stains. Smear the paste on stains and wipe it off after it dries.

    Wash Your Walls

    After removing dust and stain, it’s the perfect time to wash the walls so that they appear new again. Here, we recommend using white vinegar since it cleans your walls thoroughly without ruining them.

    Please note that white vinegar is used to clean almost anything in a mobile home.

    Dip your sponge into the vinegar solution and wash your walls gently. Ensure you rinse the sponge in warm water. You can also rinse the wall with water from a garden hose.

    Finally, wipe your walls with a cloth and allow them to dry. Remember to clean mobile home walls from the bottom to the top.

    Sanitize the Bathroom

    Bathrooms get dirty, especially in a busy household. Deep cleaning improves the bathroom and disinfects the germiest places in mobile homes.

    Sanitize the Sink, Bathtub, and Toilet

    Start with sanitizing the bathroom fixtures. Spray the sink and bathtub with a multi-purpose cleaner that targets limescale, then allow it a few minutes to sink in.

    Pay attention to what the fixtures are made of copper, granite, ceramic, and porcelain, since these surfaces require different types of care.

    Scrub the bathtub and sink thoroughly using a durable scrubbing sponge. Remember to scrub handles, drains, and faucets too.

    You might have to treat specific areas using a cleaning paste of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. Rinse the areas using soap and hot water, then wipe the fixtures using a dry cloth.

    You can then focus on the toilet, cleaning it with a toilet brush and an effective cleaner product.

    Disinfect Mirror Surfaces

    Use a glass surface cleaner to clean and disinfect your shower screen and mirrors. Clean the gunk in the mirror corners with a towel dipped in vinegar.

    Clean Bathroom Floors and Tiles

    Use products such as Clorox, CLR, or Lysol together with a bristled cleaning brush or old toothbrush to scrub between the tiles. Vinegar concoctions also function effectively to lift stubborn stains.

    Conclude by mopping the floor to finish your bathroom off with a nice sparkle.

    Cleaning the Kitchen

    After you have sanitized your bathroom, it’s now time to shift to your kitchen. Below are critical areas to focus on:

    Defrost the Freezer and Declutter the Fridge

    This is the time to overhaul your kitchen ingredients and expired items. Empty your freezer, pantry, and fridge to remove food debris and crumbs.

    Use a hot water and soap mix to gently scrub the inside of the fridge and freezer.

    Wipe Down Cabinets

    You now need organized and tidy cabinets to match your decluttered pantry and fridge. Take stock of your cutlery and plates, then donate all the items you don’t need.

    After emptying the cabinets, remove dirt and dust from the inside.

    Scrub the Appliances

    The stovetop, oven, and microwave are all likely covered in dried pasta sauce and drippings. Use your go-to-cleaning products to scrub the surfaces of these items.

    We also recommend a mixture of vinegar, warm water, and baking soda. Be mindful that some appliances, such as the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, might come with steam-cleaning or self-cleaning features.

    Mop and Sweep

    The kitchen floor will also need a thorough polish. Sweep dust, debris, and dirt, then mop the floor with warm soapy water to finish it off.

    Deep Cleaning the Bedroom

    Having already conquered your kitchen and bathroom, the bedroom won’t be difficult to deep clean. Follow the steps below for efficient cleaning:

    Organize Drawers, Nightstands, and Closets

    Whether you want to empty the nightstand or you need to swap your seasonal clothes, purge this personal space of things you no longer require.

    Everything you keep should have a designated spot in your bedroom and should leave you plenty of room.

    Wash the Linens

    Strip the pillows, bed skirts, duvets, and sheets from your mattress and toss them into the washer/dryer to freshen everything up.

    Disinfecting products, such as hydrogen peroxide, borax, and bleach can help you sterilize your linens.

    Clean the Furniture

    Your routine cleaning likely doesn’t involve checking behind furniture, under the bed, or along your headboard and bedposts. During a deep cleaning exercise, employ a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe down all furniture.

    Vacuum Behind Furniture

    Use an attachment on your dust or vacuum cleaner to access hard to reach spots in your bedroom. If possible, move the furniture to access such spots well.

    Tidying Common Areas

    Since the living room is typically where your children gather to play video games and watch TV, you should always keep it in great shape.

    Polish Wood Furniture

    Common items that need this are coffee tables, wooden chairs, and bookcases. Employ a wood cleaner and dust cloth to work on these furniture items gently until they appear new again.

    Disinfect Electronics

    Some of the electronic devices, such as laptops, TVs, or remote controls, might be the dirtiest in your mobile home. Remember to disinfect them to kill any lingering germs.

    Clean the Couch

    Cleaning the couch is a chore that you can even assign to your kids. With that said, ensure they clean behind the couch and under the cushions thoroughly.

    Put throw blankets and pillow cases into your washing machine for ultimate results.

    Deep Cleaning the Rest of the Manufactured Home

    Having completed the critical spots, it’s now time to shift to the rest of the manufactured home.

    Clean Baseboards and Door Frames

    Take a bucket full of dishwashing liquid and warm water, then gently wash all the baseboards and door frames.

    Pay closer attention to the corners of your mobile home where dirt and dust can collect easily. Other parts that need closer attention include the tops of the ceiling fans and light fixtures.

    Wash Window Sills, Window Frames, and Windows

    Spray your windows using a cleaner, such as Windex, and wipe any cloudiness, smudges, and dirt. Professional cleaners usually wipe windows with vinegar and hot water.

    You can also clean the exterior part of the windows, along with the vinyl siding, with a pressure washing technique.

    Deep Clean Rugs, Curtains, and Carpets

    If you have mats and rugs in your mobile home, take them outside the house and shake them. Before taking the rugs back into your mobile home, ensure you vacuum them thoroughly.

    Clean new carpets professionally every year to keep them in perfect condition. Stick to mopping if you have vinyl or hardwood floors.

    While working with cleaning chemicals, remember to wear eye protection.

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