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    8 Tips to Finding Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton

    1 month ago · ·Comments Off on 8 Tips to Finding Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton

    8 Tips to Finding Mobile Homes for Sale in Fenton

    Planning to move to a new city can be nerve-wracking for anyone. The good news is it doesn’t have to be, if you are prepared. One of the best ways to be ready then is to get ahead of the game and start things earlier rather than later.

    If you are looking to move to Fenton, MI, and are searching for affordable luxury mobile homes, then you have come to the right place. You can easily find what you are looking for in Fenton by following a few basic manufactured home search tips. In fact, there are at least eight tips that will help you find the mobile home of your dreams in Fenton.

    Start Early

    When it comes to looking at mobile homes, starting early is always a good idea. The main reason you should get a move on is because you have more than a few options to choose from. For instance, you may be looking to rent a mobile home, or you may be looking to buy a manufactured home. Therefore, you will have more than a few options, and you may decide that purchasing a mobile home makes more sense for you than renting. Thus, if you are going to buy a manufactured home, then you need to be able to have enough time to get your finances together beforehand.

    Alternatively, if you are looking to rent a mobile home, then having a little extra time to go over your options never hurts. Of course, if you happen to stumble upon a diamond in the rough early in your search, then you should jump on it—make an offer or put down a deposit because that mobile home probably will not be available for much longer.

    Look Online

    In Fenton, there are various types of manufactured home communities. Thus, if you are looking for 55+ communities, family-oriented communities, or a standard mobile home park, that is something you need to figure out first.

    Once you have decided on your preferred type of manufactured home park, then you can narrow down your search and start looking at homes within your price range. The nice thing about many of the manufactured homes available in Fenton is that they are located in neighborhoods that offer communal perks like clubhouses, playgrounds, picnic areas, lush community grounds, and so much more. Plus, while shopping online, you can tour the homes you are interested in and also look at the available communal amenities, like the ones mentioned above.

    Get Assistance

    When it comes to manufactured homes, having a real estate agent or a broker guide you in your search is always a bonus. The reality is looking for a mobile residence is really no different than searching for a traditional house. Thus, an agent or broker might just be what you need to find that perfect fit.  Plus, if you are leaning towards purchasing a mobile home, then having an agent already lined up can give you a leg up against the competition. That said, you can find a manufactured home to rent without professional assistance if you so choose. However, if you would like to find a home sooner rather than later, you may want to reconsider.

    Social Media

    In today’s market, social media is a valuable tool for marketing and simply getting the word out about available properties or homes. Thus, it is not too surprising that you can benefit from using your social media accounts to find that perfect manufactured home. Not only are there sites or pages for the various communities, but there is also a wealth of resources on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In fact, when it comes to Facebook, there are amazing tools that can help you find exactly what you are looking for, such as the recommendation and their craigslist-like sections.

    Take a Tour

    Once you have a good idea of what is available in Fenton, then the next step is to start touring potential mobile homes and their communities. At the moment, due to the ongoing pandemic, it is highly recommended that you call first to schedule an appointment or showing. Since you do have to make an appointment in advance, it is best to have only a few options on your must-see list. If you are still having trouble narrowing down your choices, you should at least try to take a tour of one or two perspective mobile home communities.

    Consider Roommates

    After settling on a few mobile homes, you may want to consider having a roommate or roommates. Most mobile homes are better suited for growing families, retirees, and young professionals. A roommate may be, in fact, just what you need to be able to afford your new manufactured residence. That said, if you are thinking about buying a manufactured home, then you will need to figure out if a roommate is feasible. In other words, you will need to decide if you are renting out only a room or more, and if so, does your mobile home community allow you to lease out a portion of your home?

    On the other hand, if you are just looking for another person to rent a mobile home with, then you will likely need to produce the necessary documentation that is typically needed when more than one person is leasing.

    Figure Out Your Must-Have Amenities

    If you are leaning towards a manufactured home in a community, then you will have several perks or amenities at your disposal. Alternatively, if you are looking at a mobile residence that is located outside of a community, then you may not have any communal comforts available. Ultimately, this is why it is more beneficial to consider buying or renting a manufactured home that is located in a community or neighborhood. For instance, if you are looking at a community that caters to retirees, then you should expect to find a wealth of activities, classes, nearby golfing, and more. Likewise, family-friendly mobile home parks tend to offer playground areas, picnic spots, swimming pools, and ongoing activities.

    Avoid Popular Moving Seasons

    Finally, when it is time to pack up and move, make sure you pick the right time to move. More often than not, people like to move or relocate during the summer months or early fall. As a result, finding reasonably-priced movers and moving supplies/equipment is next to impossible. So, if you would prefer to save on movers and other necessary moving essentials, then you should avoid making the big move during popular or peak seasons. Of course, no one is suggesting that you relocate in the dead of winter. Rather, you should try to move after the big back to school rush and before the holidays.

    Take Away

    At the end of the day, these are just a few things you can do to streamline the entire process. With that said, if you are still having trouble finding your forever manufactured home, then try contacting a local realtor or agent for further assistance. You can also call a few of the better known mobile home communities in the area such as Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community. Ultimately, with the right help and these tips mentioned above, you should have no trouble finding the manufactured residence that you have always dreamed of in Fenton.

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    Financing Options for Manufactured Homes on Leased Land

    2 months ago · ·Comments Off on Financing Options for Manufactured Homes on Leased Land

    Financing Options for Manufactured Homes on Leased Land

    With today’s manufactured homes, finding financing is easier than ever before, which is good news if you are looking to purchase a mobile home. Financing a manufactured home is typically more affordable and easier to qualify for than in comparison to a traditional home. Not only are your mortgage payments likely to be less, but also you are generally not required to put a lot of money down either.

    Many people purchase manufactured residences for these very reasons. That said, there are specific loan programs and lenders that can assist you with this particular type of housing. Moreover, there are several financing options for manufactured homes on leased land.

    Before getting into exactly what those options are, let’s go over some of the basics. For instance, if you do not know what is meant by a home on leased land, that is perfectly okay. Leased land typically refers to mobile home parks and manufactured home communities. Under these circumstances, you are likely purchasing a constructed residence that is already located within a community. As a result, you would be financing your mobile home while paying a lot rent, which is generally affordable.

    Financing a manufactured home on leased land, then, does have certain rules and regulations that are often associated with funding, especially with government-backed loan programs. Nevertheless, you can work with a handful of reputable manufactured home lenders to figure out what will work best for you.

    Here is a quick overview of three top manufactured housing lenders and the most common loan programs/mortgages that mobile homeowners utilize in this scenario to help get the ball rolling.

    Triad Financial Services

    One major manufactured home lender in the game is Triad Financial Services. This particular lender specializes in manufactured housing financing and has been around since 1959. Consequently, Triad can offer you decades worth of experience. Here, potential homebuyers are walked through a quick and easy purchase/loan process. Moreover, this process is streamlined for consumers and accessible online. Triad also offers construct-perm loans and a refinancing loan process if you are looking to refinance your mobile residence. If you are interested in working with one of the oldest lenders in the industry, then contact Triad or go to their website and check out their online loan applications.

    21st Mortgage Corporation

    Another manufactured housing lender worth considering is 21st Mortgage Corporation. This mortgage company has been around since 1995 and is a larger lender with over 800+ team members that can assist you. Here, you will find multiple loan programs for your future manufactured home. 21st Mortgage loan programs include fixed rates, financing for both new and used mobile homes, permanent or nonpermanent foundations, financing for homes located within a community/park, and much more. If you would like to find out more about this lender, then do not hesitate to check them out online. Note, there are credit and state-specific guidelines that you should look at first before moving forward with 21st Mortgage.

    Performance Equity Partners (PEP)

    The other manufactured housing lender that may be able to assist you with funding is Performance Equity Partners. Established in 1994, this lender also has several loan programs available for manufactured houses. PEP funds and services both new and existing manufactured or mobile homes that are located within communities nationwide. That said, PEP does not offer financing for land owned units, so be mindful of that when you are pursuing their available programs. If you want to know more about PEP, then go online or call for additional assistance.

    USDA Programs

    Besides lender financing, there are a multitude of government-backed loan programs available for mobile housing via select banks and credit unions. For example, USDA or Rural Development loan programs have been around since the 1930s and were originally used for on-farm housing. In regard to manufactured homes, USDA loans are a great option as they require no down payment and are willing to finance up to 100 percent of the appraised value of your future residence. With that said, you still need to meet the basic requirements of a minimum credit score of 650, the home has to be in a rural location, and you cannot make more than 115 percent of the county’s median income. Note, this loan typically comes with fees—a .5 percent monthly payment and a 2 percent fee on the entire loan.

    FHA Mortgages (Title II and Title I loans)

    When it comes to FHA mortgage or loan programs, this is often many people’s second option. This is due to the fact that most mobile homeowners tend to go with a USDA loan if they can. However, if their income exceeds the permitted amount for a USDA loan, then the next stop is an FHA mortgage.

    FHA loans have no maximum income requirement, which obviously is helpful. However, the caveat here is that an FHA loan is not actually a home loan; rather, the government has insured your loan. Usually, lenders prefer homebuyers that are FHA-approved because they benefit from mortgages being backed by the government.

    Of course, if you are interested in an FHA mortgage or loan, it is up to you to find an FHA-approved lender. There are two common types of FHA loans that you will see when dealing with manufactured housing. The first is an FHA Title II loan, which requires a 3.5 percent down payment and offers up to a 30-year loan term. However, a Title II loan is used to purchase both the mobile residence and the land it sits on (this is essentially a real estate loan). Thus, this FHA loan would not be applicable if you are looking at a manufactured home on leased land.

    The other FHA loan is called a Title I loan. This is the loan that you would use when buying a manufactured home within a community or on leased land. A Title I loan is for personal property and requires that the initial lease be for a minimum of 3 years or more. Other requirements of an FHA Title I loan include a 5 percent down payment, and shorter loan terms up to 20 years. There is also a maximum loan amount here. Plus, your down payment, minimum credit score (at least 580), and terms vary depending on the lender you choose to work with. Thus, it is highly recommended that you shop around if you are interested in FHA Title I financing. Note, future homebuyers can assume your mortgage at your interest rate, and the associated fees are 1.75 percent of the entire loan with a monthly payment of .85 percent.

    VA Loans

    Lastly, you can purchase a manufactured home with a Veterans Administration (VA) loan as well. To qualify for this type of financing, you need to be a veteran or service member. Here, the manufactured home has to be permanently attached to the foundation on borrower-owned land. Thus, this financing is not available for manufactured homes on leased land.

    Take Away

    Ultimately, these are just a few things to keep in mind when trying to secure funding for your manufactured home. In order to make the entire process run smoothly, make sure you do your research. There are often caveats, regulations, guidelines, and more that may bar you from utilizing specific funding. If you would like additional help regarding securing financing for a manufactured home on leased land, then do not hesitate to contact the aforementioned lenders.

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    Top 5 Mobile Homes for Rent in Fenton

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    Top 5 Mobile Homes for Rent in Fenton

    Fenton is a wonderful city in Michigan with ample housing options. In particular, manufactured housing has truly made a name for itself in the last several years here. In fact, some might say, there is actually an overabundance of portable housing communities in Fenton. So, you may be wondering, which mobile home park is right for you, or better still, how do you go about finding that needle in the haystack? Well, both are great questions that hopefully we can answer together.

    For starters, in order to make your mobile home search a little more pleasant, it is highly recommended that you narrow down your options. There is nothing worse than having too many options, as you may have experienced before. Too many choices generally just leads to indecision.

    Thus, instead of you rattling off that line to your family members when they ask you why you have not moved into a place yet—let’s get you into your new mobile home asap by going over the top five mobile homes for rent in Fenton.

    Learn More About Fenton

    Of course, if this is your first time living in or moving to Fenton, then it never hurts to get the lay of the land before you further focus on your mobile home search.

    In general, Fenton is a small town at heart and is just around the corner from major cities like Holly, Highland, and Grand Blanc. What’s more, there is a wealth of recreation in Fenton—thanks to the 50+ lakes, dozens of parks, nature trails, regularly scheduled festivals, free summer concerts, several community events, and more.

    Besides endless outdoor fun, there is a rich history here, a bustling downtown district, local eateries, and amazing shopping centers. Fenton is also a business-friendly metropolitan area and a fantastic place to raise a family.

    With that said, you will still need a place to rest your head at night, so how bout we count down the top five mobile homes for rent in Fenton.

    1. Hawaiian Gardens/Holly Village

    Coming in at number five, Hawaiian Gardens/Holly Village is a decent mobile home community with mid-luxury amenities. This well-maintained mobile home park has lush landscaping, playgrounds, recreational courts, a private pond, and communal activities. Hawaiian Gardens is also near highly-rated schools and everyday conveniences.

    Mobile homes at Hawaiian Gardens offer modern features, custom layouts, brand-name appliances, wood-like flooring, and have a minimum of 1,000 square feet of living space. That said, a manufactured home for rent in this community that is worth a look-see is a lakefront 3-bed/2-bath, 28×52’, 1,450 square foot home for $1,179 a month. This manufactured home comes with all major appliances, a full-size washer/dryer, and has a sizable deck overlooking the water.

    1. Hartland Meadows Mobile Home Park

    Number four on our list is the Hartland Meadows mobile home community. As the name implies, this mobile home park is located in the city of Hartland. Nevertheless, this community is only minutes away from Fenton, Brighton, and Ann Arbor.

    In addition to its great location, this mobile home park has a wealth of amenities. A few notable communal perks at Hartland Meadows include an upscale clubhouse, a children’s play area, trash removal, locking mailboxes, lush landscaping, and more.

    Looking at manufactured homes for rent here, you will find several worthwhile homes to consider like the brand-new 4-bed/2-bath, 28×56’, 1,600+ square foot mobile home for $1,440 a month. This residence has the latest mobile home features and is actually a rent to own.

    There is also a lovely 3-bed/2-bath, 28×56’, 1,500+ square foot manufactured home for rent for $1,390 a month. This brand-new mobile home has an open floor plan, a custom kitchen with all black appliances, an outdoor storage shed, and three designated parking spaces.

    1. Highland Greens Estates

    The mobile home community of Highland Green Estates is number three on the list. Yet another community in the city of Highland, this beautiful mobile home park offers spectacular amenities like boat/RV storage, recreational courts, a billiards room, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and so much more.

    Here, you will find several mobile homes for rent. Thus, depending on your budget and overall needs, you can choose between these available homes if you can see yourself living in Highland. Note, the majority of these residences for rent are 3-bed/2-bath, 28×48’, 1400+ square foot mobile homes ranging from $750 to $1,125 a month.

    1. Grand Blanc Crossing Mobile Home Park

    Number two on our list of the top five mobile homes for rent in Fenton is the mobile home community known as Grand Blanc Crossing. As the name of this manufactured home community indicates, it is located in Grand Blanc.

    In terms of communal perks, Grand Blanc Crossing has a lot to offer, including a fitness center, a billiards room, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. There are also a few other notable amenities, like off-street parking, neighborhood sidewalks, open green spaces, and playgrounds. Residents are allowed multiple pets as long as they weigh less than 75-lbs.

    The top manufactured home for rent at Grand Blanc Crossing is a recently upgraded 3-bed/2-bath, 28×48’, 1,456 square foot, mobile home for $1,149 a month. This simply ageless home has custom features like a gourmet kitchen with a butcher block island, hardwood flooring, all black appliances, and spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets. If this stunning mobile residence has piqued your interest, you should act fast; this home won’t be available for much longer.

    1. Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community

    Last but definitely not least, the number one spot goes to Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community. Located in Fenton, this particular mobile home park has everything and then some.

    Not only are there manufactured homes for rent and purchase here, but there are also top-rate amenities that the entire family will love. Noteworthy features and communal comforts include a gorgeous country setting, affordable housing, new water filtration systems, onsite management, resident appreciation events, and convenient access to all the remarkable schools in the Linden School District.

    Furthermore, the mobile homes at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community are all double-wide homes that offer 3 to 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a minimum of 1,500 square feet of contemporary living space. Each home comes with your choice of custom styles, layouts, and designs. Here, these homes’ high-end features include custom oak kitchens, spa-like bathroom suites, and spacious living rooms with stone fireplaces are practically the talk of the town.

    Take Away       

    As you can see, Fenton and its surrounding cities have so much to offer when it comes to manufactured housing. However, there is no denying that the high-end residences like the ones available at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community are rare finds.

    Don’t just take our word for it, stop by this community’s main office or call to schedule an appointment and see for yourself. Ultimately, if you are ready to make your move to Fenton, then do yourself a favor—check out all the amazing mobile home parks mentioned above. But remember when you are ready to put down roots in the number one manufactured residence park in Fenton, Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community will be waiting for you with open arms.

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    Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Fenton, Michigan

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    Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Fenton, Michigan

    Are you looking for a mobile or manufactured home in Fenton? Well, look no further. Whether you are thinking about buying or renting, you definitely have some exciting options to consider. That being said, before selecting the mobile home of your dreams here, it always helps to learn the lay of the land in your future city—Fenton. This lovely mid-Michigan city is a quiet area, near US-23, seemingly tucked away from it all. Yet, this same serene city is a prime location with convenient access to major metropolitan areas like Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. Thanks to this dichotomy, this fantastic city is ideal for families, college students, retirees, and people who prefer a more relaxed cityscape with nodes of rural living—at least on the surface.

    At the moment, there are well over 12,000 people residing in Fenton, so this quiet rural hideaway is not actually so small or off the beaten path. Moreover, residences here enjoy a diverse selection of employment opportunities, a lively downtown area, great schools, a serious semi-professional cornhole league, Silver Lake Village (the largest shopping district in the city), and so much more. Since the early 1990s, Fenton’s housing market has been steadily growing along with its population.  As a result, there are dozens of residential communities throughout Fenton, many of which offer single-family apartment/condo and manufactured/mobile home living.  In fact, several communities currently have both mobile homes for rent and purchase. So, how do you know which is right for you? Well, first and foremost, you need to decide what works best for you and your family.

    Consider What Works Best

    If you have recently fallen in love with Fenton’s suburbia, you may just decide to purchase a mobile home here, no questions asked. However, before you sign on the dotted line, you should ask yourself a few questions. For instance, does your budget suggest that renting a mobile home would be the better choice? Is your current lifestyle more aligned with homeownership or renting? Better still, how will this decision impact your future plans and vice versa? Once you have answered these questions, then you should have a pretty good idea of whether you should rent or buy. Of course, if you need a concise breakdown of the costs and benefits of both purchasing and leasing a mobile home in Fenton, say no more.

    Types Of Mobile Homes

    One factor that tends to be overlooked during the rent or buy decision-making process is the overall types of mobile homes available. If you are like most people, you may be more inclined to purchase a contemporary mobile home or a recently manufactured model. Newer manufactured homes are not your drifter cousin’s mobile home from the 1970s; instead, these are high-end movable homes built in a factory. In general, manufactured and mobile homes in Fenton do not stray too far from convention. In other words, there are single-wide and double-wide units readily available. You may even come across the rare and more tricked-out triple-wide unit if you are lucky.

    All in all, the more modern mobile homes actually rival even some of the most beautiful condos/townhouses in the area. Nevertheless, if you have answered all the important questions about what works best, you should have no trouble deciding which type of mobile home speaks to you. Furthermore, if you are leaning more towards renting in Fenton, the good news is you can easily find double-wide and triple-wide homes for lease if you know where to look. Presently, there is a more competitive market for mobile homes for sale.

    Costs Associated With Purchasing

    Purchasing a mobile home in Fenton is a great option for growing families and anyone looking to put down some long-term roots here. With that being said, the costs associated with buying a mobile home are relatively standard. Financing is generally needed to purchase a mobile home, and many people tend to choose conventional loans with a 5% minimum down payment. Unlike traditional housing, mobile homes are seen as high risk to insurance, so interest rates and insurance (mobile-home insurance) premiums tend to be higher than average.

    Then again, if you decide to purchase one of these units outside of the mobile home communities, ie. in the more rural areas of Fenton, then you might just be able to secure a USDA Rural Development loan. These rural development loans drastically reduce the out-of-pocket expenses/costs associated with buying a mobile home (however, these loans are not so easy to come by). Other costs you should factor in when you decide to buy a mobile home include lot rent, utilities, property taxes, maintenance fees, repair costs, and overall depreciation values (applies to mobile homes in lots/rental parks).

    Benefits Of Purchase

    Clearly, the costs associated with purchasing a mobile home are not too different than that of a traditional house; but mobile homes do tend to be less expensive. Likewise, one of the major benefits of buying a mobile home in Fenton is that it’s more affordable in the long run. Obviously, there are upfront costs that don’t apply when you rent, but you are still investing in yourself when you choose to buy versus investing in someone else when renting.

    Another benefit is mobile homes on land appreciate in value like traditional homes. Of course, this does not apply to every available mobile home, but it is a nice perk. Mobile homes in Fenton are available in communities, parks/lots, and on land (mobile homeowners can place their home on property they already own, or land still being purchased under contract). Yet, regardless of your mobile home’s location, they typically always make great starter homes. Also, they are the more lucrative option when you actually crunch the numbers. You can even decide to keep your mobile home when you are done living there and use it as a rental property—so it can be a return on your investment. Better still, if you like your mobile home too much to ever part with it, then you can take it with you.

    Costs Associated With Renting

    By now, you probably know the costs included when you choose to rent a mobile home. Much like renting an apartment versus buying a traditional single-family home, you do not have to worry about a mortgage or property taxes. Rental costs are, therefore, straightforward—rent, some utilities, renter’s insurance, and possibly a security deposit. Thus, if a home with lower upfront costs and more flexibility when it comes to moving is where your heart is at now, that’s okay. Renting a mobile home in Fenton allows you to experience all this unique city has to offer without going over budget or making long-term housing plans.

    Benefits Of Renting

    The benefits of renting a mobile home are pretty clear. Anyone looking for accommodating and reasonably priced living should seriously consider renting. Life is a little easier when you decide to rent as most of the upkeep and unexpected costs do not come out of your pocket. Moreover, while renting a mobile home, you can explore the area and save up a down payment if you change your mind down the road. Finally, the mobile home rental communities in Fenton aren’t too shabby. These new mobile home areas have shared amenities and are near a variety of everyday conveniences. Ultimately, deciding on a rental or a forever mobile home might seem daunting. but it doesn’t have to be—just take a hard look at what you are trying to accomplish here.

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    Key Mobile Home Features to Look for in Fenton, Michigan

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    Key Mobile Home Features to Look for in Fenton, Michigan

    Located in Genesee County, and with portions in neighboring counties, Fenton is among Michigan’s best cities. The small suburban city is famed for its close-knit community and boasts some of the most flexible housing options in all of Michigan.

    Mobile homes are pretty popular, and if you’ve been thinking of getting one, then you should know what features it should have. Below is a well-detailed list of some of the key mobile home features to look for in Fenton, Michigan.

    1.    Single-Wide or Double-Wide

    The first thing you ought to consider while buying a mobile home is whether it is a single-wide or a double-wide.

    A single-wide home, as the name suggests, has narrow interiors. Also, instead of hallways, the rooms are separated by back to back walls.

    On the other hand, a double-wide mobile home is bigger, more spacious, and the rooms are separated by spacious hallways. Double-wide manufactured homes are the way to go if you have a family because they’re more similar to the traditional stick-built family homes.

    2.    The Roof

    The last thing you want is a mobile home with a leaking roof.  Therefore, whether you decide to go with a single or double-wide home, another essential feature to check out is the roof.

    So, how do you know whether a roof is in good condition? Well, you can start by checking out the roof type. Majority of manufactured residences usually have flat metal roofs. This type of roof tends to crack and rust in time.

    In that light, it is wise to opt for a home with shingled or pitched steel roofing. It is more durable, less prone to rusting, and it adds aesthetic value to the unit. If you opt for a rolled metal roof, inspect it for water stains, and if there are any, this means you will at some point have a rust problem.

    3.    The Floors

    When it comes to the floors of a manufactured home, you need to consider the following:

    ●      The Floor Plan

    Mobile homes are not a one size fits all. Other than being single or double-wide, they come with different floor plans. Some boast master bedrooms and others come with master ensuites. With that said, take the time to consider what floor plan suits you.

    For example, if you work from home, you need a manufactured home with a home office. Not all mobile homes have one. Therefore, create a checklist of what your family needs so you can easily select a unit that fits it.

    ●      The Condition of the Floor

    If you’re looking for a mobile home in Fenton, it’s because you already know the amazing perks it has over the traditional stick-built home. That said, there’s also no doubt you know that unlike traditionally built homes, manufactured homes do not have a foundation. While this gives you the advantage of moving it to any spot you find suitable, there is also a downside. Why? The floor is usually susceptible to the wear and tear caused by the elements.

    For instance, pooling water beneath the unit may cause rotting and, consequently, interior damage. Also, a leak in the house, caused by either a leaky roof, window, or appliance may cause water to pool between the floor and the insulation, leaving you with major mold and mildew problems, as well as a rotting floor. Therefore, if you find the ideal floor plan for your family, be sure to inspect the floor before you sign any contract. Soft spots in a manufactured home are the easiest way to tell a problematic floor.

    4.    The Vapor Barrier

    As already noted, mobile homes do not have a foundation. They, therefore, have a vapor barrier to prevent damage caused by the elements. This barrier is usually fixed below the unit to prevent moisture as well as the floor from being damaged. However, as with anything else, it’s subject to wear and tear as well as damage. That said, the vapor barrier is yet another key feature to check while looking for a mobile home in Fenton.

    5.    Electrical Job

    Since you are investing your hard-earned money in what will now be your home, you not only want to get the best bang for your buck, but also a unit you’ll be proud to call home. In that breath, another key feature to check out is the electrical job.

    The last thing you want is to spend money on repairs. So, if the unit is connected to a source of power, inspect the electrical outlets, the light switches, and the appliances. If there are any exposed wires, it would be wise to check out other units the manufacturer has or notify them so that repairs can be done.

    Make sure the breaker panels comply with the local electrical codes, and there are enough outlets in each room. If the unit has been sitting vacant and powerless for the past six months or more, it would be wise to have a professional do the inspection.

    6.    The Doors and Windows

    Besides soft spots on the floors, another significant problem for manufactured home residents is moisture. When moisture gets in, your HVAC system will often have to work two times harder. This will not only cause it to wear out fast, but will also leave you with spiraling energy bills.

    What does this have to do with doors and windows? Well, in most cases, improperly sealed doors and windows are usually the main culprits behind moisture problems in manufactured houses. Besides the vapor barrier, be sure to inspect the doors and windows while shopping for a mobile home unit if you are to avoid moisture-related problems.

    7.    The Air Conditioner System

    A manufactured mobile home at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is more affordable than a traditional stick-built home. However, just because it saves you some money, it doesn’t mean you should compromise your comfort. In that light, it’s essential to note that in the past, manufactured units didn’t have an air conditioner system. If you end up with such a unit, you may have to spend a lot installing one.

    If you find one with an air conditioner unit, check if it is in proper working condition. Keep in mind that HVAC repairs are among the most expensive repairs not only in a mobile home, but also in traditional houses. So be sure to go for the best.

    8.    The Customization Options

    The benefits of a mobile home in Fenton include affordability, privacy, space, and excellent customizability. This last benefit is perhaps why they are so popular.

    Opting for a mobile home enables aspiring homeowners to get their dream homes without blowing their budget. This is because you can get it tailored to suit the plans you’ve always had in mind when it comes to owning a home. Therefore, while shopping for one, ensure you ask about your customization options.

    Other Features to Look for Include

    • The septic
    • The plumbing job
    • The siding
    • The insulation

    Buying a home is an incredibly important life decision and is among the most money-intensive transactions you will make in your life. Therefore, if you have decided to purchase a manufactured home in Fenton, make sure you end up with the best. You can see this by ensuring the unit you purchase has the features listed above and by working with a reputable community such as Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community. Check us out for more tips on mobile homes in Fenton.

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    How to Search For Mobile Homes For Sale in Fenton, MI While Still Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Epidemic

    7 months ago · ·Comments Off on How to Search For Mobile Homes For Sale in Fenton, MI While Still Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Epidemic

    How to Search For Mobile Homes For Sale in Fenton, MI While Still Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Epidemic

    Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, people are left not really knowing what to do when it comes to looking for a home to move into. There are a lot of concerns about how they can still safely look for mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI, during a pandemic. The spreading of Coronavirus has been increasing over the past several weeks, and there are stay at home orders issued by the governors of many states. 

    If you are hunting for mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI, there is a chance that you are worried about being able to find one during this unprecedented time. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm, especially right now during this state of utter distress and panic. It is important to acknowledge there are steps that you can take to remain healthy and safe while you are searching for a mobile home in Fenton. 

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