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    The Benefits of Mobile Homes over Apartments in Fenton, MI

    9 months ago · ·Comments Off on The Benefits of Mobile Homes over Apartments in Fenton, MI

    The Benefits of Mobile Homes over Apartments in Fenton, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: March 11, 2020

    If you are currently living in Fenton, MI or are looking to move to the Fenton, MI area, and you are not living in or looking for a manufactured home at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community, you are missing out on the luxuries of space, privacy and saving yourself money.

    Unfortunately, America has casted a negative stereotype over mobile homes, which has led most people to shy away from the thought of residing in one. Instead, people tend to search exclusively for apartments when they are looking to move, which leaves them cramped and, frankly, flushing money down their apartment toilet.

    With all of that being said, it’s time we educate everyone on the benefits of mobile homes over apartments in Fenton, MI.


    Everyone’s heard the saying “Best Bang For Your Buck.” Well, that phrase has never rang more true than when referring to mobile homes in Fenton, MI. For example, 3 to 4 bedroom double-wide mobile homes for rent at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community, which are anywhere from 1,500 to 2,700 square feet in size, range from $800.00 to $1,000.00 per month, and that includes your lot rent. The only comparable apartments for rent in Fenton, MI are found at Silver Lake Hills Apartments, which are 3 bedroom units ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800 square feet, and are $1,400.00 per month on average.

    Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community also offers mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI, with purchase prices ranging from $30,000.00 to $50,000.00. All homes are at least 3 bedrooms and have 2 bathrooms.

    Also, Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community offers Option to Purchase Agreements. This means for every month that you pay rent, you receive credits towards purchasing your mobile home. So if you rent a mobile home in Fenton, MI for a few years and decide that you want to purchase it, you are essentially gaining equity in your home simply by paying your rent, instead of flushing your money down your apartment toilet, as we referenced earlier.


    As previously mentioned, the average size of three bedroom apartments in Fenton, MI is nearly half of mobile homes. This gives people plenty of space to grow their families without feeling the need to upgrade their living space every few years. Mobile home living at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community also offers Bathroom Suites, Stone Fireplaces, Oak Kitchens, Family Rooms, Patios and Storage Sheds. Not to mention, people living in manufactured homes have their own yard, which most apartments don’t offer.

    Mobile homes in Fenton, MI may still be smaller than many traditional stick-built homes, however they certainly give you plenty more “Bang For Your Buck” compared to the apartments in Fenton, MI.


    Living in your own home means having your own privacy. No more worrying about Residents above you making too much noise when their kids are jumping on the bed, and no more frustrating nights because of the Resident below you watching TV with the volume turned all the way up. The bottom line is, NO MORE SHARED WALLS! This would be your reality if you were to rent or purchase a manufactured home in Fenton, MI.

    We hope this has helped explain the important financial and lifestyle benefits of living in a mobile home over an apartment in Fenton, MI. If you are looking at mobile homes in Fenton, MI as an option for you and your family to live in, you must consider Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community.

    Schedule An Appointment with us today to tour your new home. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our community.

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