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    Manufactured Home Sheds: Should You Get One?

    2 years ago · · Comments Off on Manufactured Home Sheds: Should You Get One?

    Manufactured Home Sheds: Should You Get One?

    Justin Becker

    Updated: July 11, 2022

    You might find yourself accumulating a lot of stuff from time to time during your manufactured home living experience, which may prompt the need for extra storage space. You will find that you can not store certain items, like lawn mowers, in your home.

    For this reason, we recommend having a manufactured home shed. So, which is the best shed to get?

    This article provides information about mobile home sheds and why you should get one.

    Manufactured Home Sheds

    Should you get a manufactured home shed? Absolutely! It presents many benefits, as we will go over below:

    Why You Should Get a Shed

    They are Cost-Effective

    One advantage of a mobile home shed is that it is a great bang for your buck. For instance, you can acquire a highquality one for as little as $5,000, and that is on the high end. This is way cheaper than a decent mobile home.

    In fact, you do not need a mortgage to purchase a mobile home shed. A few months or years of savings should be enough to land a good deal.

    A Shed is Easy to Build

    First, manufactured home sheds are very small compared to the home’s size. This means that you can construct them pretty easily, as long as you know what you are doing. So, you can complete everything yourself or have a professional help you out.

    You Can Gain an Additional Living Space

    Whether you need storage sheds, additional living space, or a guest room in your compound, a finished shed could be what you need. Rather than adding a section to your manufactured home, which could be highly expensive, buying a shed could serve the above purpose, depending on the size of course.

    You Can Move the Shed Around

    Just like a mobile home, a shed is also mobile. You can have the shed on wheels and move it when you see fit. For instance, if you decide to move your mobile home to another location, the shed can come with you. Learn how much it costs to move a manufactured home here.

    They Take Up Very Little Space

    While a standard mobile home might have over 1,000 square feet, an average shed occupies only a few hundred square feet of space. Those with a small compound or lot have no reason to worry.

    Blends In Well

    If you have used a mobile home shed before, you understand that it blends well with the surroundings. You can either build them to look natural or to match your mobile home.

    The sheds are also small, therefore difficult to notice. Since they are more versatile, you can easily place them at a spot that fits with the surroundings.

    Additionally, they reduce the carbon footprint since fewer natural resources are used to develop them.

    Considerations while Selecting Storage Sheds

    There are different mobile home sheds you can consider to store your things. Let’s go over them below:

    Shed Styles

    Storage sheds are available in different styles. You need to have a specific style in mind before making a purchase. Below are the different styles you can select from:

    Phone Booth Shed

    If you want a small shed to add extra storage space, this is the best option you have. The phone booth shed is a 4x6 shed that does not take up a lot of space on your lot.

    Luckily this is a shed you can build by yourself. If you can not build it yourself, you can easily find it in any local mobile home improvement store around your area.

    We recommend keeping your out-of-season flowerpots and garden tools in this shed. You can also fill it with storage containers to turn it into an outdoor closet.

    Clubhouse Shed

    This mobile home shed is larger than the “phone booth” shed. In most cases, it is almost twice the size of a “phone booth” shed.

    You are likely to love it thanks to the stained wood exterior. The most striking feature of this shed is the porch, which runs the entire length of the shed’s front.

    Pent Roof Shed

    This mobile home shed is named “pent roof” thanks to its simple and slanted plane. The shed has shutters, vinyl siding, and windows on each center door side.

    Since there are different storage shed types on the market, consider the below factors to select the best option:

    Other Shed Styles

    • Saltbox
    • Modern
    • LeanTo
    • Aframe
    • Barn
    • Workshop
    • Craftsman

    *Checkout all different styles and similar ideas using the free Pinterest app. Just simply create a Pinterest log-in and start scrolling.

    Construction Material

    The material used to design your storage shed determines its aesthetics and durability. It can also impact your budgeting plans.

    Most sheds are designed with either of the three materials below:

    • Wood
    • Steel
    • Resin/Plastic/Vinyl

    For your information, steel sheds are more economical than wooden ones. They also come in various colors. However, wooden sheds are sturdier and more stylish.

    Costs and Your Available Budget

    The amount you will spend on a shed will depend on a few factors, including materials used to design the shed and the distance to be moved from the store (if pre-built).

    Prepare a higher budget if you would like customization, like quality windows or electrical connections. Generally, the price of sheds range from $350 to $4,500. Ensure you budget well for everything to avoid overspending.


    After determining your storage requirements, you can decide on your perfect size. Generally, you can go for a small, medium, or large shed.

    Small sheds are typically under 80 square feet and, thus, are the cheapest. They are ideal for storing bikes, garden tools, among other items of this size.

    There are medium sheds that range between 90 to 120 square feet. Things you can store here include mowers, wheelbarrows, and other bulky equipment.

    Finally, we have large sheds that measure between 100 to 300 square feet. They are the most expensive and they function more similarly to garages.


    Select a shed based on an accessory you would like to have. For instance, the shed should have ramps if you want to store wheeled equipment. If visibility inside the shed is of importance, ensure it has windows. To organize tools well, there should be shelves. Bottom line is, identify your requirements and ensure the shed has the relevant accessories.

    Weather Patterns in Your Location

    Consider different weather elements, such as strong winds and heavy rainfall, while selecting a shed. For instance, steel and wood are ideal in areas with strong winds, so avoid using plastic sheds in such areas.

    The Final Verdict

    When you find yourself accumulating many things in your manufactured home, buying a shed can offer you extra space. A shed offers several benefits, including being able to free up space inside of your home and making your yard look nice and neat.

    Before purchasing a shed, however, follow the considerations we have highlighted. Just do not compromise quality for cost.

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