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    Top Ice Cream Places in Fenton, MI

    3 years ago · · Comments Off on Top Ice Cream Places in Fenton, MI

    Top Ice Cream Places in Fenton, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: September 13, 2021

    Do you love ice cream, and would you like to find a reliable place to get it in Fenton, MI? Well, you are in luck!

    Fenton has some of the best restaurants and joints where you can comfortably buy ice cream.

    Furthermore, there are delivery services in place to ensure that you get your favorite ice cream right in the comfort of your own home in Fenton, MI.

    ice cream cones

    Here are some of the top ice cream locations in Fenton, MI:

    Ice Cream Places in Fenton, MI

    The best way to have fun with your family, or treat yourself after a long tiring day, is to grab some ice cream.

    This cold treat is always welcome, no matter if it’s during winter or summer.

    Below are some of the reputable places that you can buy ice cream in Fenton, MI:

    Uncle Ray’s Dairyland – Fenton, MI

    Uncle Ray’s Dairyland is among the best ice cream and dessert destinations on Leroy St, Fenton, MI. Here, you’ll get something special every time you visit.

    Children enjoying with ice cream

    At Uncle Ray’s Dairyland, every ice cream is homemade with special flavors that offer you an unforgettable experience.

    There are several flavors to choose from, including raspberry frozen yogurt and chocolate classics.

    A special outdoor seating area allows you to enjoy your ice cream in an open space. They even allow you to bring your dog along.

    After enjoying your ice cream, you can even continue to play mini-golf and have some extra fun. Just check their menu for exciting offers.

    Scoop of Fenton

    If you ever find yourself near Leroy St, Fenton, MI, this is the place to be for a great ice cream treat.

    Online reviews show that many customers trust the services offered at this restaurant.

    The Scoop of Fenton, MI

    The Scoop of Fenton has several flavors that will make you keep coming back to try again and again.

    An attractive happy girl eating a tasty ice-cream cone during her vacation

    Most customers love the fact that they can mix and match their scoops freely. They also make delicious milkshakes that many repeat customers prefer.

    Some of the most popular flavors here include Hershey’s Scoops and Pumpkin Pie Shake.

    Customers who visit have fallen in love with how friendly the management is and how everyone goes out of their way to make them feel comfortable.

    couple eating ice cream

    The place is also beautifully designed, and you’ll find an outdoor garden, where you can enjoy your ice cream in an open space. Just check the online reviews and see for yourself.

    Pumphouse Custard – Fenton, MI

    Fenton, MI has at least something for every custard fan. It isn’t as easy these days to find reputable custard treats like before.

    This makes Pumphouse Custard in Fenton, MI stand out, since it has dedicated itself to offering delicious treats. They also offer several flavors for you to select from.

    Pumphouse Custard

    The most common flavors here include Deep Dark Chocolate and Fruity Pebbles. They also offer others, including Butter Pecan, Honey Cinnamon and Cookies & Cream.

    You’ll also encounter alternatives, such as milkshakes and creamy cold sandwiches. If you are sensitive to any of these offers, there are gluten-free options for you as well.

    kid enjoying ice cream

    At Pumphouse Custard in Fenton, MI, there is almost everything for everyone. Reviews online show that Pumphouse has some of the best flavors in all of Fenton.

    Ice Cream Garage – Fenton, MI

    The Ice Cream Garage is known for offering excellent services, delicious flavors, and great portions.

    Apart from their great ice cream, you’ll also be offered a great coffee flavor.

    Ice Cream Garage

    If you have children, there is no denying that they’ll love the ice cream experience here.

    You’ll also get fun alternatives, such as sweet nachos. Before buying here, check out the online reviews.

    Dairy Queen Grill & Chill – Fenton, MI

    Online reviews show that the Dairy Queen Grill & Chill is among the best ice cream destinations in Fenton, MI.

    Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the services offered in this restaurant. The services are also quick and professional.

    Delicious strawberry ice cream in a bowl.

    Different flavors of ice cream are available to meet the needs of every customer. If you find yourself in Fenton, MI, this is one place that you should visit.

    Kims Cones – Fenton, MI

    Online reviews show that this is one of the most reputable places for kids. The restaurant is located at 411 S Leroy St, Fenton, MI 48430.

    Kims Cones is known for offering a variety of ice cream flavors. You can even request a takeout.

    Kims Cones

    There is also a spacious parking space. The place is also designed to be wheelchair accessible.


    If you find yourself in Fenton, MI, and are craving ice cream, there are several places where you can get great offers. These places offer a variety of quality ice cream, and provide everything, at an affordable price.

    You can pick up at any of the restaurants that we have suggested above and not be disappointed. It may also help if you check the online reviews of each restaurant before selecting a place to purchase your ice cream at.

    Reviews show whether a restaurant offers quality services at an affordable price, or not. We hope you get what you’re looking for.

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