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    Trailer Parks In Michigan – The Good & The Bad

    2 months ago · · Comments Off on Trailer Parks In Michigan – The Good & The Bad

    Trailer Parks In Michigan – The Good & The Bad

    Justin Becker

    Updated: March 15, 2021

    Moving to go and live in a mobile home park is an increasingly popular housing choice for many people in Michigan, with there being over 900 mobile home parks in Michigan, the 3rd highest number in the USA behind Florida and Texas. Mobile home parks have at times colloquially been known as ‘trailer parks,’ although some now perceive this term as carrying negative connotations.

    This article outlines the various benefits of living in mobile home parks/trailer parks in Michigan, as well a few of the inevitable drawbacks.

    The Pros To Moving To A Trailer Park In Michigan

    You have a lot of choices as there are many mobile home parks across the state

    Fortunately, you are spoilt for choice when looking to rent or buy a home in mobile home parks in Michigan.

    In order to narrow down your searches, we recommend using custom search tools on real estate websites and map data. Using custom search filters will help you to find mobile home parks that meet your budgetary needs. Through custom searches you will also be able to see if certain mobile home parks are situated in your desired location by using a data map (like if you want to be in Grand Rapids MI or Fenton MI), and you can check if the properties at the mobile home park have the desirable home features such as en suite bedrooms or large size modern kitchens. Through custom searches, you will be able to check what on-site amenities and communal features are available for residents in various mobile home parks (such as parking spaces, playgrounds, an outdoor patio space, etc.).

    To help in your search for mobile home parks in a specific location, you can use map data 2021 Google to help visualize and narrow down your search to focus on a smaller area.

    In order to gauge the vibe of a mobile home park, you may choose to look over online reviews from former residents at the mobile home park. Online reviews may outline personal experiences detailing daily life in given mobile home parks, giving you an insight into what life is like being a resident in them.

    In addition, we suggest looking at virtual tours online on websites of various mobile home parks to gain a greater visual insight into the manufactured home you are interested in and its inside layout.

    The affordability of living in a mobile home park

    One major factor attracting people to decide to invest in mobile homes and live-in mobile home parks over traditional homes is their clear affordability in comparison.

    You can rent or buy a manufactured home. Buying a manufactured home in a mobile home park can make becoming a homeowner a lot more achievable and affordable, for both young people and those on lower incomes, through finance schemes aimed at mobile homes such as chattel loans.

    Chattel loans are popular with these types of home buyers as they are considered personal loans, separate from the land the manufactured home lies on. Chattel loans enable buyers to own their homes quicker than through traditional mortgage payments.

    Lenders associated with Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park work with people with all sorts of credit scores and income levels.

    Average monthly rental prices for manufactured homes in mobile hoe parks also tend to be lower in price.

    Mobile home parks are welcoming places of comfort and luxury

    You must consider what features are a must-have in your home.

    Look no further than the comfort of the double-wide mobile homes at Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park.

    The homes at Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park come with wonderful, impressive features such as large kitchens with hardwood vinyl flooring and classic oak cabinetry, master bedrooms with stylish ensuite bathrooms with full size baths, and spacious living spaces of up to 2200 square feet. In addition, all mobile homes at the mobile home park are vinyl sided with pitched roofs to make sure the homes can withstand all types of extreme weather.

    The renovated manufactured homes in this mobile home park in Michigan have also all been fitted with central air conditioning units for residents.

    Mobile home parks can be community-spirited and a great place to make friends

    Residents of mobile home parks often form strong bonds with their neighbors in the community, making mobile communities sociable and community-centered. Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park is located in Tyrone Township, a lively community in the city of Fenton with lots of social activities on offer for residents such as watching films at Fenton Community and Cultural Center, attending plays at the Village Theatre, playing golf on one of the top local golf courses or going shopping in one of the local shopping centers.

    Staff at Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park ensure that there are always plenty of entertainment activities on offer to keep residents amused and to help them socialise with other residents to build a true sense of community harmony and togetherness.

    The Cons To Moving To A Trailer Park In Michigan

    Some mobile home parks are found in isolated remote locations, far from key local amenities.

    One potential downside of living in a manufactured home/mobile home park is that they are often situated in more rural locations, isolated from essential local shops, restaurants, museums, schools and other local amenities.

    The price of mobile homes can fluctuate, their popularity can go up and down, therefore buying a home can be an insecure unpredictable investment

    After buying a manufactured home, you may unfortunately find that the value of your home can sometimes fall dramatically in price, particularly if a manufactured home has deteriorated quickly due to being damaged by bad weather and wear and tear.

    The value of mobile homes in mobile home parks can go up or down due to a combination of local and national factors such as unemployment levels, mortgage rates, the number of mobile homes available in a mobile home park locally, and so on.

    Trailer Parks In Michigan

    Our Take Away

    In conclusion, our pick of the bunch when it comes to mobile home parks/trailer parks in Michigan, is to choose to rent or buy one of the mobile homes on offer at Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park in the city of Fenton MI.

    The manufactured homes available to rent or buy at the sites are very spacious, with homes being 3 beds 2 baths, 4 beds 2 baths, or 4 beds 3 baths, and are on sale at a very affordable price too! For a price range of $30,000-$50,000 you can become the proud owner of a home at Tyrone Wood’ mobile home park.

    The on-site staff at Tyrone Woods’ mobile home park are friendly and hard-working, they strive to make sure that residents’ needs and queries are met, and that their residents are able to enjoy their stay living in the community.

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