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    Must-See Places in Fenton, Michigan

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    Must-See Places in Fenton, Michigan

    Fenton is a historical town in southeast Michigan. It became a city in 1964. The close-knit community works to preserve historical architecture and other features of the town. There are plenty of natural resources, like lakes, forests and the Shiawassee River, that offer recreational outlets for residents. Many residents of Fenton enjoy living in senior housing, historic homes, kid-friendly subdivisions and mobile home communities. Fenton is also located near US-23 for access to bigger cities, like Flint, Detroit or Ann Arbor.

    There is no shortage of things to do in Fenton, Michigan. Visit AJ Phillips Fenton Museum to learn about the rich history of the town. Find all of the outdoor sculptures that decorate Fenton’s streets. Throughout the Summer, shop at the Fenton Farmers Market or see a concert at Millpond Park. You can also enjoy a picnic or feed the ducks at one of Fenton’s nine city parks.

    AJ Phillips Fenton Museum

    AJ Phillips was a prominent Fenton citizen, who was one of the leading manufacturers in Michigan. Originally built in 1900, the AJ Phillips Fenton Museum was donated by Phillips’ heirs to the city in 1906. The building was used as the Fenton Library before the library was relocated. The museum is divided into themed sections. Displays include vintage clothing, tools and other materials. There is a replica of AJ Phillips’ personal office with some original furniture. One section displays military and war items related to Fenton. Notably, there are pieces from the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, both World Wars and Vietnam. The museum also houses a collection of Fenton newspapers from 1869 to now. Visit the AJ Phillips Fenton Museum on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm to dive into local history.

    Outdoor Sculpture Gallery

    Download the map online and head out on a self guided walking tour of more than a dozen sculptures around Fenton. Many of the sculptures are inspired by nature, such as the Steel Butterfly or Cattails. See if you can take a photo with all of them.

    Fenton Farmers Market

    Support your local community at the Fenton Farmers Market when you shop for fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and artisan creations throughout the Summer. The farmers market is open on Thursdays between 5pm and 8pm on the front lawn of the Fenton Community Center.

    City of Fenton Parks

    Fenton has a variety of parks in the city for recreation. Residents can enjoy playing sports and having picnics. Nature is never far away with nine parks in the city. Gazebos at the parks offer beautiful locations for wedding ceremonies. Several parks are located on Shiawassee River, which runs through the city.

    Bush Park: At five and a half acres, Bush Park is one of Fenton’s largest parks. The Shiawassee River runs through the park. There are volleyball courts, playground equipment, restrooms, a gazebo, and a pavilion with electricity and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy. The pavilion and gazebo are available to rent for a fee. The park is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset with no entry fee. There are two entrances.

     Conklin Park: Stop for a quick picnic at this small park just off Silver Lake Road. Amenities include a swing set and picnic area with grills. The park is open all year round with no entry fee.

     Franklin D. Adams Park: This small park was named after a member of the Fenton City Council. Located at the corner of South Long Lake Road and Appletree Lane, this small park is convenient for residents in the neighborhood.

     Freedom Park: Fenton’s first park is just .35 acres. It was where Civil War Colonel William Matthew Fenton had soldiers practice their drills. The Fenton City Band used to practice in the park on a wooden bandstand. Enjoy the rich history of Freedom Park when you visit the war memorial. The park also includes a picnic area, benches and a gazebo. The gazebo can be rented for a fee. The park is always open with no entry fee.

    Millpond Park: Next to Fenton City Hall is a 4 acre park. Amenities include picnic areas, playground equipment, benches and a gazebo. Fenton hosts a Concert in the Park series on Thursday nights during the summer. Because the park is located on the Shiawassee River, it also features fishing on the river and a dam. This gazebo can be rented for a fee, but the park is always open at no cost to visitors.

    O’Donnell Park: This one and a half acre park is located just across the street from Strom Park. There is a picnic area to enjoy. The large wooden deck is a highlight as visitors can feed the ducks or go fishing. Shiawassee Riverwalk begins at this park and continues through Millpond Park and Rackham Park.

    Rackham Park: This three acre park is located on the Shiawassee River behind the Fenton Community Center. The park features two tennis courts, a walking path, a patio with picnic tables, a fountain and a large grassy area for visitors to enjoy. There are plenty of trees to provide shade on a hot Summer day.

    Silver Lake Park: This is the largest park in Fenton at 35.4 acres. Amenities include ball fields, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, badminton courts, nature trails and playground equipment. There is something for everyone to enjoy. There are also two pavilions and picnic areas with grills to be utilized. Finally, there is 300 feet of beach area with lifeguards available for residents to swim at Silver Lake from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. The rest of the park is open year round. Silver Lake Park does have a fee to enter and you can purchase season passes. This is the only city park that does not permit dogs within the park.

    Strom Park: Enjoy this small park’s gazebo and picnic area year round. There is also a small boat launch. Visitors can fish at Strom Park as well. There are no entry fees to this park.

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    Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Fenton, Michigan

    6 months ago · ·Comments Off on Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Fenton, Michigan

    Should I Rent or Own A Mobile Home In Fenton, Michigan

    Are you looking for a mobile or manufactured home in Fenton? Well, look no further. Whether you are thinking about buying or renting, you definitely have some exciting options to consider. That being said, before selecting the mobile home of your dreams here, it always helps to learn the lay of the land in your future city—Fenton. This lovely mid-Michigan city is a quiet area, near US-23, seemingly tucked away from it all. Yet, this same serene city is a prime location with convenient access to major metropolitan areas like Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. Thanks to this dichotomy, this fantastic city is ideal for families, college students, retirees, and people who prefer a more relaxed cityscape with nodes of rural living—at least on the surface.

    At the moment, there are well over 12,000 people residing in Fenton, so this quiet rural hideaway is not actually so small or off the beaten path. Moreover, residences here enjoy a diverse selection of employment opportunities, a lively downtown area, great schools, a serious semi-professional cornhole league, Silver Lake Village (the largest shopping district in the city), and so much more. Since the early 1990s, Fenton’s housing market has been steadily growing along with its population.  As a result, there are dozens of residential communities throughout Fenton, many of which offer single-family apartment/condo and manufactured/mobile home living.  In fact, several communities currently have both mobile homes for rent and purchase. So, how do you know which is right for you? Well, first and foremost, you need to decide what works best for you and your family.

    Consider What Works Best

    If you have recently fallen in love with Fenton’s suburbia, you may just decide to purchase a mobile home here, no questions asked. However, before you sign on the dotted line, you should ask yourself a few questions. For instance, does your budget suggest that renting a mobile home would be the better choice? Is your current lifestyle more aligned with homeownership or renting? Better still, how will this decision impact your future plans and vice versa? Once you have answered these questions, then you should have a pretty good idea of whether you should rent or buy. Of course, if you need a concise breakdown of the costs and benefits of both purchasing and leasing a mobile home in Fenton, say no more.

    Types Of Mobile Homes

    One factor that tends to be overlooked during the rent or buy decision-making process is the overall types of mobile homes available. If you are like most people, you may be more inclined to purchase a contemporary mobile home or a recently manufactured model. Newer manufactured homes are not your drifter cousin’s mobile home from the 1970s; instead, these are high-end movable homes built in a factory. In general, manufactured and mobile homes in Fenton do not stray too far from convention. In other words, there are single-wide and double-wide units readily available. You may even come across the rare and more tricked-out triple-wide unit if you are lucky.

    All in all, the more modern mobile homes actually rival even some of the most beautiful condos/townhouses in the area. Nevertheless, if you have answered all the important questions about what works best, you should have no trouble deciding which type of mobile home speaks to you. Furthermore, if you are leaning more towards renting in Fenton, the good news is you can easily find double-wide and triple-wide homes for lease if you know where to look. Presently, there is a more competitive market for mobile homes for sale.

    Costs Associated With Purchasing

    Purchasing a mobile home in Fenton is a great option for growing families and anyone looking to put down some long-term roots here. With that being said, the costs associated with buying a mobile home are relatively standard. Financing is generally needed to purchase a mobile home, and many people tend to choose conventional loans with a 5% minimum down payment. Unlike traditional housing, mobile homes are seen as high risk to insurance, so interest rates and insurance (mobile-home insurance) premiums tend to be higher than average.

    Then again, if you decide to purchase one of these units outside of the mobile home communities, ie. in the more rural areas of Fenton, then you might just be able to secure a USDA Rural Development loan. These rural development loans drastically reduce the out-of-pocket expenses/costs associated with buying a mobile home (however, these loans are not so easy to come by). Other costs you should factor in when you decide to buy a mobile home include lot rent, utilities, property taxes, maintenance fees, repair costs, and overall depreciation values (applies to mobile homes in lots/rental parks).

    Benefits Of Purchase

    Clearly, the costs associated with purchasing a mobile home are not too different than that of a traditional house; but mobile homes do tend to be less expensive. Likewise, one of the major benefits of buying a mobile home in Fenton is that it’s more affordable in the long run. Obviously, there are upfront costs that don’t apply when you rent, but you are still investing in yourself when you choose to buy versus investing in someone else when renting.

    Another benefit is mobile homes on land appreciate in value like traditional homes. Of course, this does not apply to every available mobile home, but it is a nice perk. Mobile homes in Fenton are available in communities, parks/lots, and on land (mobile homeowners can place their home on property they already own, or land still being purchased under contract). Yet, regardless of your mobile home’s location, they typically always make great starter homes. Also, they are the more lucrative option when you actually crunch the numbers. You can even decide to keep your mobile home when you are done living there and use it as a rental property—so it can be a return on your investment. Better still, if you like your mobile home too much to ever part with it, then you can take it with you.

    Costs Associated With Renting

    By now, you probably know the costs included when you choose to rent a mobile home. Much like renting an apartment versus buying a traditional single-family home, you do not have to worry about a mortgage or property taxes. Rental costs are, therefore, straightforward—rent, some utilities, renter’s insurance, and possibly a security deposit. Thus, if a home with lower upfront costs and more flexibility when it comes to moving is where your heart is at now, that’s okay. Renting a mobile home in Fenton allows you to experience all this unique city has to offer without going over budget or making long-term housing plans.

    Benefits Of Renting

    The benefits of renting a mobile home are pretty clear. Anyone looking for accommodating and reasonably priced living should seriously consider renting. Life is a little easier when you decide to rent as most of the upkeep and unexpected costs do not come out of your pocket. Moreover, while renting a mobile home, you can explore the area and save up a down payment if you change your mind down the road. Finally, the mobile home rental communities in Fenton aren’t too shabby. These new mobile home areas have shared amenities and are near a variety of everyday conveniences. Ultimately, deciding on a rental or a forever mobile home might seem daunting. but it doesn’t have to be—just take a hard look at what you are trying to accomplish here.

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    Key Mobile Home Features to Look for in Fenton, Michigan

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    Key Mobile Home Features to Look for in Fenton, Michigan

    Located in Genesee County, and with portions in neighboring counties, Fenton is among Michigan’s best cities. The small suburban city is famed for its close-knit community and boasts some of the most flexible housing options in all of Michigan.

    Mobile homes are pretty popular, and if you’ve been thinking of getting one, then you should know what features it should have. Below is a well-detailed list of some of the key mobile home features to look for in Fenton, Michigan.

    1.    Single-Wide or Double-Wide

    The first thing you ought to consider while buying a mobile home is whether it is a single-wide or a double-wide.

    A single-wide home, as the name suggests, has narrow interiors. Also, instead of hallways, the rooms are separated by back to back walls.

    On the other hand, a double-wide mobile home is bigger, more spacious, and the rooms are separated by spacious hallways. Double-wide manufactured homes are the way to go if you have a family because they’re more similar to the traditional stick-built family homes.

    2.    The Roof

    The last thing you want is a mobile home with a leaking roof.  Therefore, whether you decide to go with a single or double-wide home, another essential feature to check out is the roof.

    So, how do you know whether a roof is in good condition? Well, you can start by checking out the roof type. Majority of manufactured residences usually have flat metal roofs. This type of roof tends to crack and rust in time.

    In that light, it is wise to opt for a home with shingled or pitched steel roofing. It is more durable, less prone to rusting, and it adds aesthetic value to the unit. If you opt for a rolled metal roof, inspect it for water stains, and if there are any, this means you will at some point have a rust problem.

    3.    The Floors

    When it comes to the floors of a manufactured home, you need to consider the following:

    ●      The Floor Plan

    Mobile homes are not a one size fits all. Other than being single or double-wide, they come with different floor plans. Some boast master bedrooms and others come with master ensuites. With that said, take the time to consider what floor plan suits you.

    For example, if you work from home, you need a manufactured home with a home office. Not all mobile homes have one. Therefore, create a checklist of what your family needs so you can easily select a unit that fits it.

    ●      The Condition of the Floor

    If you’re looking for a mobile home in Fenton, it’s because you already know the amazing perks it has over the traditional stick-built home. That said, there’s also no doubt you know that unlike traditionally built homes, manufactured homes do not have a foundation. While this gives you the advantage of moving it to any spot you find suitable, there is also a downside. Why? The floor is usually susceptible to the wear and tear caused by the elements.

    For instance, pooling water beneath the unit may cause rotting and, consequently, interior damage. Also, a leak in the house, caused by either a leaky roof, window, or appliance may cause water to pool between the floor and the insulation, leaving you with major mold and mildew problems, as well as a rotting floor. Therefore, if you find the ideal floor plan for your family, be sure to inspect the floor before you sign any contract. Soft spots in a manufactured home are the easiest way to tell a problematic floor.

    4.    The Vapor Barrier

    As already noted, mobile homes do not have a foundation. They, therefore, have a vapor barrier to prevent damage caused by the elements. This barrier is usually fixed below the unit to prevent moisture as well as the floor from being damaged. However, as with anything else, it’s subject to wear and tear as well as damage. That said, the vapor barrier is yet another key feature to check while looking for a mobile home in Fenton.

    5.    Electrical Job

    Since you are investing your hard-earned money in what will now be your home, you not only want to get the best bang for your buck, but also a unit you’ll be proud to call home. In that breath, another key feature to check out is the electrical job.

    The last thing you want is to spend money on repairs. So, if the unit is connected to a source of power, inspect the electrical outlets, the light switches, and the appliances. If there are any exposed wires, it would be wise to check out other units the manufacturer has or notify them so that repairs can be done.

    Make sure the breaker panels comply with the local electrical codes, and there are enough outlets in each room. If the unit has been sitting vacant and powerless for the past six months or more, it would be wise to have a professional do the inspection.

    6.    The Doors and Windows

    Besides soft spots on the floors, another significant problem for manufactured home residents is moisture. When moisture gets in, your HVAC system will often have to work two times harder. This will not only cause it to wear out fast, but will also leave you with spiraling energy bills.

    What does this have to do with doors and windows? Well, in most cases, improperly sealed doors and windows are usually the main culprits behind moisture problems in manufactured houses. Besides the vapor barrier, be sure to inspect the doors and windows while shopping for a mobile home unit if you are to avoid moisture-related problems.

    7.    The Air Conditioner System

    A manufactured mobile home at Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community is more affordable than a traditional stick-built home. However, just because it saves you some money, it doesn’t mean you should compromise your comfort. In that light, it’s essential to note that in the past, manufactured units didn’t have an air conditioner system. If you end up with such a unit, you may have to spend a lot installing one.

    If you find one with an air conditioner unit, check if it is in proper working condition. Keep in mind that HVAC repairs are among the most expensive repairs not only in a mobile home, but also in traditional houses. So be sure to go for the best.

    8.    The Customization Options

    The benefits of a mobile home in Fenton include affordability, privacy, space, and excellent customizability. This last benefit is perhaps why they are so popular.

    Opting for a mobile home enables aspiring homeowners to get their dream homes without blowing their budget. This is because you can get it tailored to suit the plans you’ve always had in mind when it comes to owning a home. Therefore, while shopping for one, ensure you ask about your customization options.

    Other Features to Look for Include

    • The septic
    • The plumbing job
    • The siding
    • The insulation

    Buying a home is an incredibly important life decision and is among the most money-intensive transactions you will make in your life. Therefore, if you have decided to purchase a manufactured home in Fenton, make sure you end up with the best. You can see this by ensuring the unit you purchase has the features listed above and by working with a reputable community such as Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community. Check us out for more tips on mobile homes in Fenton.

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    5 Good Reasons Why You Should Live in Fenton, Michigan

    6 months ago · ·Comments Off on 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Live in Fenton, Michigan

    5 Good Reasons Why You Should Live in Fenton, Michigan

    Looking to make a move to Fenton in Michigan but holding back because you know nothing about this city? If yes, then you happen to be in good company. We understand that choosing a place to live is an incredibly crucial life decision. That is why we compiled a well-detailed list of five good reasons why you should live in Fenton, Michigan

    • Great Sense of Community 

    Initially known as Dibbleville, Fenton is a small city in Genesee County.  With only a population of about 11,700 residents, the city is the perfect place to call home, if you fancy the idea of living in a laidback community. Thanks to its small population, Fenton boasts a wonderful sense of community.

    Local businesses often come together to sponsor sporting activities, and there are several hangout areas where you can spend time socializing with friendly residents. The city also has a diverse selection of shops and restaurants where you can get whatever you need and pass some time. 

    To maintain this great sense of community, the residents often hold an ice festival during the Winter, a fun Catholic Church festival during Fall, and two flea markets per week during the Summer. Also, the locals often come together to plant flowers in downtown Fenton during Summer. Fenton is the kind of small-town where everyone knows everyone, people get along easy, and life is simply excellent! In a nutshell, as far as a great sense of community goes, Fenton is unrivaled.  

    • Affordable Cost of Living 

    If the cost of living is one of the factors you prioritize while looking for a place to live, then Fenton is ideal. The city’s cost of living is 8% lower than the national average and is less expensive compared to other similar cities in Michigan, such as Metro-Detroit. As a town with an established population of less than 15,000 people, this affordable cost of living doesn’t come as a surprise. Since it’s a small town on an upward growth curve, Fenton is also a great place to move and live in if you are an entrepreneur. This is because there are plenty of opportunities and less competition currently.

    • Flexible Housing Options

    Fenton has incredibly flexible housing options. From the charming little Victorians spread out all over the small town, to McMansions sitting on the shores of a lake, there’s a housing option for everyone. Even if you’re a minimalist in search of an affordable, yet highly functional housing option, then Fenton manufactured homes are for you. 

    The upside of living in Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community in Fenton is that in comparison to traditional stick-built homes, these units are much more affordable. Yet, at the same time, they come with the perks of owning an ordinary house, such as more space and more privacy. Add in the overall advantages of living in Fenton, such as great schools, low crime rates, and scenic landscapes, makes it just the place to settle down.

    • Great Education System and Low Crime Rate

    If you have a family complete with kids, or you are looking to settle down and have kids, then moving and living in Fenton is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Why? Well, as a small, growing town, Fenton has everything you and your kids could need within a 3-mile radius. This includes excellent schools that focus on community development. 

    Given the great sense of community, described earlier, insecurity should be the least of your worries as the town has a pretty low crime level. In fact, Fenton has a crime rate, 5% lower than the national average, and lower than most Michigan cities.  To further enhance your sense of security during the day and at night, the town is usually properly lit.

    •  A Beautiful Town with Plenty of Natural Resources

    If you are a nature lover and have always wanted to settle down in a place that allows you to connect with Mother Nature, then you have even more reasons to live in Fenton. As part of a state famed for miles and miles of forests and lakes, Fenton has such an abundant natural beauty; it’s tough to match. 

    For starters, the residential area itself still boasts of its historical look, hence unique and beautiful. Besides that, Fenton is home to 58 lakes, the largest one being Lake Fenton.  Here, you, your family and friends can fish, enjoy boat rides, swimming, and other water activities.

    Also, if you have always wanted to live in a town with an array of beautiful parks, then Fenton is just the place for you as it has plenty of over 170 acres of those spread out in the city.  What’s fascinating is that we have a park right in the center of town with the famed Shiawassee river flowing through it! 

    Starting Over in Fenton: Three Helpful Tips 

    As you have seen above, Fenton is a great place to live in. But as usual, moving to a new place, regardless of how great it might be, brings about changes to your life. How do you adjust and thrive? By following the tips below.

    • Become a Regular 

    As noted earlier, Fenton is a small community where everyone knows everyone. People here are incredibly friendly and will welcome you with open arms. To adjust to life here, don’t be afraid to socialize with people. Build a small community of people you can turn to by exploring and becoming a regular at one of the coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. 

    Use every opportunity that comes your way to create friendships. For instance, don’t be afraid to ask the barista at the coffee shop you’ve been going to what they do for fun in Fenton. Such a conversation may end with them asking you to tag along. 

    If you love cooking, bake some cookies or a cake for your neighbors over at the manufactured homes community or invite them for a cup of coffee. This will help you get to know people, create friendships, and lay a good foundation for your everyday life in the Fenton Community. 

    • Be a Yes Man 

    As emphasized, residents of Fenton are super friendly. To get to know you, they will likely invite you to many things. For instance, your neighbors will invite you for a cup of tea, others will offer to help you with your DIY home projects, and others will invite you to the local bar for a beer. For the first few months, don’t be uptight. 

    Be a yes man and accept the invitations that come your way, if your schedule allows. Accepting these invitations will not only help you create friends, but also will expose you to experiences that you may like and could shape your life in Fenton. In a nutshell, be open, flexible, and patient. 

    • Be a Tourist

    It’s natural to want to blend in with the local community in a new place as soon as possible. That being said, instead of trying to fit in, be the Fenton tourist for the first few weeks of your stay here. Visit the parks, take a swim at Lake Fenton, and go to different restaurants every day. In other words, take advantage of this time to learn about Fenton

    Fenton is a beautiful city to live in, and if you were unsure of whether to make the big move, now you have enough reasons to join our community. By following the tips we’ve provided, you’ll surely have a seamless experience settling in.

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    Top 5 Restaurants To Get Carry-Out or Delivery From In Fenton

    7 months ago · ·Comments Off on Top 5 Restaurants To Get Carry-Out or Delivery From In Fenton

    Top 5 Restaurants To Get Carry-Out or Delivery From In Fenton

    The coronavirus has forever changed the way that we do things. We have been issued orders to stay at home as much as possible during this time. Additionally, most of our favorite places have been shut down. From our favorite stores to our favorite restaurants, we cannot simply go out and get the things that we want like we once could

    Living in a mobile home park is ideal during this crisis. These communities tend to rise together and help each other out during times of crisis. In fact, there is a good chance that your neighbors have offered to get groceries for you at some point during the shutdown. 

    When it comes down to it, there is a good chance that at some point you have gotten tired of cooking meals. After all, you are home all day and likely cooking or preparing food all day. If you are like most, you are craving a good meal that someone else prepares for you. There is some good news. You likely already know that some restaurants have switched gears and are now offering delivery and carryout from their restaurants. Curbside pickup has become the new popular way to get food prepared by a restaurant. If you are craving a meal from one of your local restaurants, chances are you do not know if they are even currently open. Perhaps you just want to see some different options that you might have during this time. If you live in Fenton, here are the top five restaurants in the area still offering delivery and carry-out during this time. 

    1. Pita Way

    If you are looking for something fresh and fast, Pita Way is the way to go. This great restaurant now offers 9 locations throughout the area, including one in Fenton. The Mediterranean style food will always hit the spot. Currently, Pita Way is offering delivery services through third-party apps such as DoorDash. In addition, there is a curbside pickup available. The hours of Pita Way are 10:30 am until 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday. On Sunday the restaurant is open from 11 am until 8 pm. It is a good idea to call ahead to make sure that the hours remain the same during this time. 

    The staff of Pita Way is doing all that they can to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers. Extra precautions are being taken during this time including extra sanitizing measures and keeping contact between employees and customers to a minimum. 

    2. Thai House Bistro

    If you are craving Thai food, you might make the attempt to try to recreate your favorite dish from your favorite Thai restaurant. Chances are that you might succeed, but it is not going to taste as good as when it is made by the professionals who do this type of food every day. If you are craving Thai and not feeling ambitious enough to try to make it yourself, there is some good news. At this time, the Thai House Bistro remains open for carryout. You can order your favorite dishes online or over the phone and then head to the restaurant to pick them up. 

    The restaurant is currently open from 11 am until 9 pm Monday through Friday and from 12 pm until 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday. This locally owned business appreciates your support during this time and the owners want you to know that they are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of their staff and their customers during this time. 

    3. Leo’s Coney Island

    If you live in Michigan you already know about Leo’s Coney Island. This restaurant is a staple throughout the area and there is a good chance you are now thinking about how good it would be to hit the restaurant for breakfast. Perhaps you are craving one of their great sandwiches or coney dogs. No matter what your favorite menu item might be, you are in luck as Leo’s Coney Island is still open for business. Unfortunately, you cannot hang out in their dining room and eat your favorite meal right now, but you can get your favorite items to go. Simply call in and place your order and they will have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive. If you cannot get to your favorite Leo’s Coney Island location, you can use one of the third-party delivery apps to have it delivered right to your door. The restaurant is currently open from 7 am until 10 pm daily. 

    4. Goki Goki Korean BBQ

    Who doesn’t love Korean BBQ? Chances are that you cannot simply make this type of food on your own. You might try, but you are going to struggle to get it just right. Why not take the night off from cooking and order some Goki Goki Korean BBQ to enjoy. This restaurant has been in the area for a while and they are still open for carryout services at this time. They are offering 10 percent off of your entire bill right now if you come in and pick up your food. If you simply cannot make it down there to get your food, they are offering delivery through DoorDash as well. 

    The current hours of operation for Goki Goki Korean BBQ are Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 am until 10 pm, and noon until 9 pm on Sundays. The restaurant is closed on Mondays. 

    The owners have issued a statement saying that they are taking every precaution as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safety of their staff and their customers. 

    5. Sagebrush Cantina

    Craving some Mexican food? You already know that Sagebrush Cantina offers some of the best Mexican food in the area. There is some good news, the restaurant is now open for carryout orders. The hours of operation are from 11 am until 9 pm. They have changed their hours a few times over the course of the stay at home order, so make sure that you call ahead to make sure that they are open. There are delivery options available through third-party apps as well. Why not take the night off and order from one of the best Mexican restaurants around? Enjoy some chips and salsa and your favorite Mexican dish. 

    Other Options

    It may seem like you need to cook all of your meals at home right now. After all, everywhere you look it seems like all of your favorite places are closed. However, with a little bit of research, you will find that many places are still operating in some capacity right now. There is a good chance that your favorite restaurant currently is offering at least carry out service for a limited number of hours. Take the time and make a phone call, you might just be surprised. 

    Third-party apps such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats provide delivery services throughout the Fenton area. If you are craving something and want it delivered, one of these apps might just be your best option.

    It is important to remember that many of your favorite restaurants are struggling right now. These restaurants were forced to create a brand new way to serve their food in a short amount of time. Give them a bit of extra time to prepare your meal and, most of all, be friendly to the staff. Tip well if you can as restaurants, and their staff is currently suffering a bit financially. 

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    How to Search For Mobile Homes For Sale in Fenton, MI While Still Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Epidemic

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    How to Search For Mobile Homes For Sale in Fenton, MI While Still Staying Safe During the Coronavirus Epidemic

    Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, people are left not really knowing what to do when it comes to looking for a home to move into. There are a lot of concerns about how they can still safely look for mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI, during a pandemic. The spreading of Coronavirus has been increasing over the past several weeks, and there are stay at home orders issued by the governors of many states. 

    If you are hunting for mobile homes for sale in Fenton, MI, there is a chance that you are worried about being able to find one during this unprecedented time. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm, especially right now during this state of utter distress and panic. It is important to acknowledge there are steps that you can take to remain healthy and safe while you are searching for a mobile home in Fenton. 

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    Living in Fenton Michigan – Things You Should Know

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    Living in Fenton Michigan – Things You Should Know

    Fenton Michigan is located in Genesee County. It is a thriving city with small portions in neighboring Oakland County and Livingston County. Fenton Michigan offers its residents a dense of suburban feel and most of the people that lives in the city own their homes.

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